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             10 August, 2022

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Why Hiring Car locksmith Is Better than Going to Car Dealer

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2011-03-07 01:39:00     
Article by Lostcar Keyny

When something goes wrong with the lock of our car, the first person who comes to mind is the auto dealer especially in the case of a malfunctioning transponder. Somehow the numerous advantages of hiring a car locksmith escape our attention. It may be due to the fact that not many of us are aware that these locksmiths are not only more knowledgeable in handling such emergencies but also charge far less than most car dealers. With numerous advantages they offer that include expertise, mobile service, ability to create laser cut keys at the spot and low cost, it is a wonder that so many of us still choose to have our cars towed to the dealer.

No doubt, technicians at your auto dealer are capable of repairing any snag in your car. But their knowledge is more general whereas a car locksmith has more specific and precise knowledge and tools to handle the problems related to car locks. So you can always depend on them to provide right solution to car lock issues.

Another issue that arises when we go to car dealer is that you will be asked to get your car towed to their workshop if you happen to lose keys or lock them inside, accidently. On the other hand, auto locksmiths provide specialised services which handle such emergency situation. Their mobile service arrives on site within an hour.

Biggest advantage of hiring an Auto locksmith company is that they are available at any hour of the day whereas, most dealerships work only during the business hours.

Latest laser cut car keys offer greater security, but if you happen to lose them, they require the use of extremely expensive equipment to be recreated. I doubt very much that any auto dealerships would carry this equipment on site. They would rather make the customer wait a week or more till another company to create the key and deliver it to them. Although, not every car locksmith keeps this equipment, plenty of them do. If you have a vehicle which has such a key, it’s good to save the telephone number a auto locksmith company who can create laser cut keys.

Lost Car Key is a reputable car locksmith company which is bonded, licensed and insured. It offers 24 Hour Car Locksmith & Lockout Services with a team of highly trained car locksmiths who are ready to answer any call, any time.

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