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             01 February, 2023

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Universal Microscope Stage for Better Specimen Viewing

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2011-03-07 01:07:04     
Article by Nathan Syngrem

Microscope stage as the name indicates is a part of the microscope, where specimens are mounted for better viewing thus leading to better results. With the advancement in technology, nowadays there is a wide array of microscopes available with different features. While some have basic features and are ideal for activities like testing specimens in school, special ones work well in complex and specific situations.

Of all the microscope stages available today, the universal microscope stage is the most popular among research students. This is because it allows for better handling of your specimens for the best results. Indeed, it allows for tilting and rotation of the stage as per your convenience and that too without any manual intervention.

Apart from this, there is another advantage of universal stages, and it is that these allow for better viewing even when you have to examine a very minute specimen. In fact, you can get a magnified image even from a great distance. However, handling this equipment requires specialized knowledge and hence only those trained and skilled in this sector can operate them efficiently for greater results.

One of the special features of the universal microscope stage is that it comes with a locking device for allowing you to position your specimen for better viewing and photomicrography. There are many areas of operation of a universal microscope stage. These are used extensively in geology for assessment of fabric and history of metamorphic rocks. They are also used for identification of minerals in the thin sections, and for evaluation of mineral fragments etc.

The universal microscope stage accounts for affordable and quicker analysis of any sample. It also offers greater precision in all types of research work. Hence, use this variety and get the best results.

Apart from the universal microscope stage, there are other different varieties used in different areas of application. In addition, there are customized options too. It is common for scientists to design and build their own custom stages for their special experiments. There are different varieties of customized stages available for research in important sectors that include cell manipulation, biomedical investigations and material research apart from geology.

Now, that you know about the importance of microscope stage, you might want to know as to where to get the best varieties. You can get them online. Some of the distributors also facilitate for customized varieties as per your specifications. However before ordering always ensure that you get it from an authentic source.

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