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             23 June, 2021

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Keep your Eyes on your kids through Phone Tracking Software

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2011-02-26 22:21:40     
Article by Lifechanging

Do you feel frustrated at not knowing where your kids are or if they are in potential danger?

Every parent dreads that moment when the kids don’t arrive home from school on the bus at the normal time or you arrive to pick them up at a specific location and they aren’t there. Where are they? Your heart starts to beat a little faster and you try not to panic as you start ringing their phone or their friend’s phones to find out where they are.

Well if you have experienced any of this, you aren’t alone. Good news for parents is the introduction of phone tracking so you know where your kids are. Phone tracking also shows you who they have been talking to. Kid Tracker is a phone tracking product designed by parents for parents so we can empower ourselves with the information to keep our kids safe. Kid Tracker allows you to quickly locate where your child is, using phone tracking, to within 1 metre of their location. Just think of the piece of mind that will give you.

As working parents, we appreciate the balancing act we do to be able to get kids to and from school, sporting events and parties and sometimes having to be in two places at once! Every parent needs to know where their kids are and when you can’t be there, wouldn’t it be great to know that you could easily and quickly track your kids using a simple phone tracking device so you know where they are.

Kid Tracker not only shows you their current location, through phone tracking, but also their previous locations so you know where they have been. The more information you have as parents then the greater knowledge you have about potential issues and problems.

The biggest fear for parents today is on-line and physical predators. For years paedophiles have had access to the latest technology to get to our kids even in their own homes through SMS, email and on-line activities. Now you as a parent have access to the state of the art phone tracking using Kid Tracker technology to fight back and keep your children safe.

The following phone tracking features are included in Kid Tracker:

1. Email monitoring

Find out who they are communicating with. Are they safe from predators or unwanted advances. Are they being bullied and don’t know what to do about it.

2. Kid Tracker monitoring

Kid Tracker phone tracking provides parents with the location of their child including their past movements so you can be better informed of where they are and what they are doing. Are they really at a sleep over at their friends place or have they snuck out to a party where there is a possibility of drugs and maybe even alcohol fuelled violence. Are they hanging around the wrong crowd?

3. SMS Register

Kids, especially teenagers never have their thumbs too far away from their mobile phones! SMS is the main way of communicating and Kid Tracker phone tracking enables you to view the content of these messages to ensure your child is safe.

Imagine being able to discover that your child is depressed through the messages they send to their friends. Then you can be armed with knowledge and take action to avoid your child participating in any kind of self-harming activities.

4. Call Register

Receive detailed reports of calls your child has made and received through Kid Tracker phone tracking call register. Be informed of what is really going on so you can identify problems early and then solve them before it is too late.

As parents we need to protect and guide our kids and Kid Tracker phone tracking is about being aware of what is really going on with our kids.

Kid Tracker phone tracking enables you to focus on the protection and safety of your kids and gives you an opportunity to educate your kids in a proactive and supportive way so they can enjoy their childhood without looking back later in years with regret.

Kids are not adults – not yet. So let’s make sure they have the best childhood and are nurtured, protected and guided towards the best possible future.

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