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             20 January, 2021

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Creating Professional Resumes: 3 Reasons For Its Importance

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2011-02-26 01:56:03     
Article by Gary Sanchez

What is your current employment status? If you're out of work, chances are you've been looking at several job prospects.

If this is case, then you, no doubt, sent it in a resume. No matter the type of employment you are seeking to get, whether it be a fast food manager, construction worker, an accountant or even a truck driver, you've already done made up a resume and sent it along. Resumes are used as a substitution or in are addition with regular applications. It's a must have that they look professionally done.

It's imperative that resumes look naturally professional. Many folks wonder why and there are three good reasons.

Reason #1 - Resumes Talk

The first thing an employer sees is the resume. Since most resumes are either mailed in or e-mailed in, the resume will do most of the "talking" for the person. It's important that the resume looks nice and neat because the person should convey that they are hardworking person that is worthy of the job they are seeking to be hired for. Make sure it's professional, even if technically you aren't.

Reason #2 - Resume Appearances

While it may not be fair, employers do classify candidates by their resumes. The classification is usually centered on the resume's appearance. While you may have excellent credentials, if your resume is off centered, hard to read or in any way horrible, you can bet your resume is going into the trash pile. Use computer paper, which is typically white, Also use the standard Times New Roman, Garamond and Courier New not the Lucinda Calligraphy that is all fancy and really hard to read unless the print is at a 14 pt or higher. Don't forget to use at least 8 to 9 pt font if you have much to say about your background. Keep the resumes at one page if possible.

Reason #3 - Get Your Resume Noticed

It's important to remember that your resume won't be the only resume the employer will see. Having a professional looking resumes is important because it gives you an edge over all of the other people looking to seek the position you are. It may be obvious to you that resumes need to look fresh, naturally professional and that it's easy to read. However, some people, maybe more than some, have a hard time grasping this idea of resume clean up. A resume that is completely disorganized or can not bed read will be in the "Burn It" pile. Your resume shouldn't be like that. Get an edge over everyone else by taking the time to do it once and then redo it if you need to.

These three tips are reasons why your resumes should be very professional when sending it off to a prospective employer or rather employers if that be the case. When describing professional, it doesn't mean hire someone to do it... it just means to take the time and learn the basics of resume professionalism.

Should you have experience in writing, perhaps you can do your own resume. If you know someone who needs resume done, you can do one of two things: do their resume for them or help them learn to do it on their own eventually. It's also wise to get help if you don't have any experience whatsoever writing a resume.

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