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             22 September, 2023

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Biometric Time Attendance System Cuts the HR Expenses Considerably

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2011-02-26 01:40:44     
Article by Swaty Shah

Biometry has made its way into the daily lives of many. No matter, how developed or under developed the country is, they will have a fair idea of face recognition technology. Cities and towns in these countries also use the device. It is beneficial, not only for security purposes, but for Human Resource (HR) management as well. Users integrate this technology with time attendance system to mark the time keeping habits of its employees. It is a hit among small and large firm owners!

How Does a Biometric Time Attendance Work?

The very first step is to install the software into the terminal computer. Its database is kept in the same server or some other server depending on the choice of the user. All the employees are enrolled into the time attendance system foremost. Their facial details are stored in the database. Next time onwards, they only need to glance at the camera. Their attendance will be marked if they are enrolled into the application. It is hassle free, fast, and accurate method to record the time attendance details of employees.

Many companies prefer to opt for other sources to get their task accomplished. Large companies generally appoint staff to look after this function. There is an attendance register where employees manually mark their daily presence, time in, and time out. HR staffs, who look after the register, study the time keeping habits of its employees based on the entries. If the company does not want to consider this option, they may simply contract out the work to an outside firm.

Hiring an outside firm to look after the work is convenient. However, the firm bears the expense of looking after the time and attendance of the client’s company. It charges for the same and also for its involvement in the task. This is how that business works. It is bound to cost the client company more. On the other hand, maintaining pen and paper based attendance registers may not prove as inexpensive as it seems. Employees looking after this task may not get it done accurately. Buddy punching is a possibility. On top of everything, staff members need to be regularly remunerated.

How Biometric Time Attendance is Cheaper

Time attendance system is a costly application, especially, the one enabling face recognition. It needs to be installed systematically and requires some training before utility. However, the cost incurred in purchasing the time attendance system is a one-time charge. It does not need to be remunerated in frequent intervals. It won’t ask for a salary hike. It won’t show disinterest on being made to work extra or bear grudges against the employer. It will always give timely and accurate results.

Today, more and more companies are shifting to the use of a time attendance system. They no longer maintain the traditional registers to record time and attendance details. They find it more profitable than the primitive ways of attendance keeping. Researches indicate that almost 88% of the renowned companies automate their time and attendance. In a survey conducted of those companies who do not automate their time and attendance, almost 82% planned to purchase the biometric time attendance software in the coming years. It will soon get as usual as computers in an office.

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