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             18 January, 2022

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Women Wearing White Shirts

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2011-02-24 02:06:19     
Article by Trigger Man

In just a month, summer is coming. The trend to day for women looking for a good dress this summer is none other than a simple white shirt. Contrary to the belief that white shirts are too plain and simple, these shirts actually look fresh and pleasant. Either you are a man or a woman; I bet that you will always have a stock of one or two white shirts in your cabinet. Did you know that according to polls, approximately seventy percent of Americans own a white shirt?

Everyone should have a white shirt. You can wear it casually, formally, during dates, or even just hanging around your house. There are numerous types of white shirts that you can choose. You can choose a V collar neck shirt or a round one. You can also pick a normal t-shirt or a polo shirt. A white polo can always be part of a good tie or coat. Men and women love the fact that white shirts are easy to use with other garments or accessories.

It's a fact that men are lazy in nature. It is also easily noticeable that men will just wear their jeans and put on a shirt. But what still keeps them cool and neat is that white shirt they often use. White shirts are very simple and yet complicated. It can give you a comfortable feeling with a rich aura as long as you wear it smartly. This is primarily the reason why this shirt has always been around not only in the US but even all around the world.

Women on the other hand are more fashionable. Although they can still wear just a plain shirt and go out, they still would like to put on something above it like shawls, top shirts, sweaters, and other accessories. Women give white shirts more diversity when they wear them.

An occasion that you will normally see shirts and not notice it is during weddings. Many will notice the cool watches, the clean shoes, great neck ties, and other accessories but they fail to realize that these men or even women are wearing neat shirts inside their wardrobes. It really is a classic. Just put on a sweater above your white shirt, and you are all set and dress up to attend the wedding. Besides white shirts, anything white will always be elegant and forever be beautiful during weddings.

If you are not that confident on your shirt, just take a look at the mirror. If you look smart, then you are all set. Now if your fashion sense is not that good or you are not what they call a fashionista, you can always check out high end signature clothes in shopping malls. You will always find white clothes that you can mimic with garments from your local market.

Ladies, take a good look at your clothes. If you still do not have any white shirts around, I suggest that you immediately have one. It is very comfortable and is never taken out of fashion. You can even revolve your wardrobe decisions around just your white shirt. White shirts are ultimately the best and you can't afford to not have.

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