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             23 January, 2021

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VoIP for Cheaper Calls Overseas

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2011-02-09 01:31:03     
Article by Alex Russell

If you have never heard of VoIP before, then get ready to change the way you used to look at long distance calls. VoIP, an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol is a revolutionary technology with the potential to completely restructure the world’s phone system. It is a means of placing and receiving telephone calls through the internet.

There are many ways the VoIP can be used but the easiest way is by computer-to-computer. You will need an internet-connected computer, a microphone, a speaker or headset and a special software designed for this purpose. The software can be downloaded free of charge or for a very small fee on the internet. Ensure the person you want to call also has the above listed equipment and exactly the same software on his computer. Then, both of you are set to make cheap calls, no matter the distance.

But things get even better! You can also call people from your computer using the same software – but this time calling them directly on their phone (landline or cell phone). One great provider of such service is PhoneCardsCentral.com, as they have great call quality, and very, very low rates! And moreover, by how they advertise on their websites, you are also able to call from your own phone, using the PIN you’re given when signing up.

Yes, cheap calls. That is the major benefit of using the VoIP service. It allows you make international calls at very cheap rates and even free international calls to some specific countries. This is because VoIP routes phone calls over existing data networks, consequently reducing infrastructural cost significantly.

Finally, by using the VoIP software to make international phone calls, you are bypassing the phone call company and its charges entirely. You only pay for your normal internet bills and do not expect an increment in your internet fee because there is normally no charge for computer to computer calls. Regardless of the distance or call duration.

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