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             13 May, 2021

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How to make sleep away camp an unforgettable experience for kids

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2011-01-27 02:01:30     
Article by Campprofessor

Is your kid going for a sleep away camp and you are confused about packing his stuff properly? Well, to make things easy, you can prepare a checklist of items that you need to pack. The most important factor would be the duration for the child will be away. Even though a majority of overnight summer camps provide the things of necessity for the kids, packing your own things is always better. Include the following things in your checklist.

1.Since most sleep away camps provide laundry service once a week, you can pack socks and underwear for 7-10 days to cover for any unforeseen situation like break down of camp's washers. In addition to many T-shirts and sweatshirts, you should also pack a warm jacket and at least two pairs of long pants, plus 6-7 shorts and pajamas. Instead of purchasing new shoes, pack used and comfortable running shoes, sports sandals and hiking boots.
2.Pack a toilet kit that includes soap, shampoo, tooth paste and tooth brush plus a couple of face towels, towels and a hairbrush. Remember to pack a SPF 15 or higher sunscreen.
3.Ensure to pack a mosquito repellent and a bug spray as without these camps can turn out to be quite uncomfortable.
4.It is advisable to make your child carry a sleeping bag so as to keep him warm and comfortable, irrespective of where he sleeps.
5.Provide your kid with a disposable camera along with some extra batteries to enable him to capture the most memorable moments for life.
6.Although, most camps provide flashlights for nighttime activities, it is better to pack one with a new battery with your kids stuff. Not only does every child like to have his own, but you can never be sure of when it may come handy.
7.Encourage your child to write his memoirs during his stay at the camp even he is not having the habit of doing so. Someday he is sure to appreciate these priceless memories.

The Camp Professor helps you to recognize your child’s interests and select the most suitable sleep away camp for him. They have a large network of summer camps, facilities, and programs for you to choose from. To know about a variety of services and facilities they offer to make camping memorable for your child.

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