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             24 January, 2021

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How to Restore SQL Database from .bak file 2005?

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2011-01-27 01:49:48     
Article by Justin Hudson

SQL files are very important as they store crucial data of your company and when they corrupt then serious problem might occur. Now, to overcome corruption problem you are required to use some third-party software application using which you can easily and quickly carry out SQL data recovery.

Two Fundamental Elements of SQL: The SQL Server has two fundamental elements – first is data files and another one is transaction log files. Using transaction log file it is easy to record databases’ uncommitted transactions. Sometimes problem arises when all of a sudden SQL Server service unpredictably shuts down because of any unavoidable reason. Another reason when this happens is accidental shut down of system, and when user tries to restart the Server again, it analyzes all the SQL transaction log files. Now, when transactions are not committed, then the changes that were performed as a part of those transactions are rolled back. However, this process of recovery sometimes does not successfully fulfill and database gets corrupt. To overcome such situation, user requires restoration from the last good backup. In the absence of any such backup, you left with the only option is to use SQL data recovery tool to restore sql database mdf file and to restore SQL 2005 database from .mdf.

Possible Reasons for Corruption in SQL: Owing to several reasons corruption can occur in SQL Server; some of the causes for the same are written underneath:

• Trojan infection can corrupt SQL database
• Virus Attack is also responsible for SQL MDF files
• Because of abrupt system shutdown corruption can cause corruption
• Owing to Cache problem MDF files can get damaged
• Hard disk failure is another reason responsible for corruption issue
• Invalid database file header lead to corruption
• Internal program errors and other such reasons can also cause corruption.

Encounter Error Message: After SQL corruption, you receive an error message mentioned below:
‘Error 3403, Severity 22 During recovery initialization, page %ld was encountered. This page belongs to object %ld, not the lo0067’

Root Cause behind Error Message: When you receive error message you must be aware to know that why this error message appears. When the MS SQL Server damaged, it tries to recover itself. After this recovery takes place automatically, then there happens to be a complete scan of transaction logs up till the last page. If a page is found which is allocated to syslogs but the page header object ID does not match with that of syslogs, in that case, error 3403 is displayed and recovery is failed. At this point of time you are required to perform SQL data recovery with an outside SQL repair tool.

Why this Error Message Appears? The reason for this error display is:

• An SQL Server problem results in a bad write or page allocation
• The user updates the allocation page and SQL Server goes down prior to the writing of the transaction log page. So, on the time of automatic rebuilding of SQL database, it happens without the clearing of the transaction log pages and the old log entries still existing.

How to Restore SQL DB? You can deal with this situation if you check the backup status that whether clean backup is there or not. In the presence of backup data you can drop the damaged or corrupted database and can easily load it from the backup. In the absence of backup, a professional help is required in the form of third-party tool.

Restore SQL 2005 Database from .mdf: Using commercial tool like SysTools SQL Recovery tool you can protect SQL 2005 Server. This tool will solve the issue like how to restore SQL database from .bak file 2005. This reliable tool can easily and quickly fix SQL database 3403 error and will help you to repair and restore SQL database.

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