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A Financial Head Start On Education

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2011-01-15 23:25:10     
Article by Jesse Thompson

Community College - A Financial Head Start on Education

Why should you consider making a pit stop at community college before heading off to college or university? There are many reasons why community college represents a head start on education. Here are some reasons why you should put your local community on your list of life pit stops.

Community College Allows You to Get an Academic Head Start

Want to get a taste of college while you are still in high school? Many community colleges allow high school seniors to take courses that can be counted towards a future degree. Your local community college can be a great way to start your college career early, even if it means taking a summer course after high school graduation. Your local community college can be a great way to prime yourself for university or four year colleges. For instance, taking a community college can be a great way to get prerequisites out of the way so you will be clear to take a higher level course once you get to a four year institution. Moreover, it is very affordable to take classes at the community college level.

Community College Can Also Help You Get a Financial Head Start

Why should you make a pit stop at your local community college before heading off to a four year college or university? Easy. It can save you thousands of dollars. In most states, you can easily fulfill many of your undergraduate competencies by taking those classes at your local community college. Most community colleges offer smaller class sizes and highly qualified instructors. At the university label, chances are you will spend most of your 'required' courses in oversized lecture halls with grad students mumbling their way through the lectures. In short, going to community college can save you money and maybe even get you a better education footing than taking the very same course at a university.

Not a Straight A High School Student? Community College Offers a Blank Slate

For many people, community college offers a much needed clean slate. Perhaps you are not able to go to the college of your choice directly out of high school because of your grades. Community college is a great way to pursue a higher education at your own pace, without the high stress burden of a big tuition bill that you would get at a traditional four year university. By taking classes at a community college, you can begin to zero in on your interests. You can begin to build an academic record that you are proud of. Make sure to take advantage of all the resources that will be available to you on campus, including tutoring services and financial aid consultations.

Using Community College as a Springboard to a Traditional Four Year Campus

Community college is a great place to use as a springboard to a traditional four year institution of higher learning. You can much of your two year required coursework out of the way and experiment with many different kinds of courses and majors. Perhaps even more importantly, attending community college can give you a major financial age. There is a good chance that your public, in state, four year college or university offers transfer scholarships. Most community college transfer scholarships will cover your tuition bill at the local in state college or university. So you didn't get that full tuition scholarship out of high school? Well guess what? You can get it by excelling at community college. In this sense, your local community college can give you a great academic and financial opportunity, operating as your gateway to the rest of the world.

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