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Writing A Research Proposal Step By Step

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2011-01-12 06:00:51     
Article by Juan Smith

A research proposal is a bit similar to a project proposal. Most students and researchers themselves do not know what the meaning of a research proposal is but they do know everything about its importance.

A research proposal is a document written to convince others that you have a research project and you have the work plan to complete that particular project Leaving aside the area where you are researching, the proposal must fulfill some of the questions which are unique for that proposal: Here are some of the basic components of a research proposal.

(1)What are you planning?
(2)Why do you want it to be done?
(3)Which technique will you be using?
(4)Why that specific technique?

One should take notice of the fact that the proposal that you are writing should be done in such a manner that the one who is reading that proposal should be able to understand it completely. There should be enough knowledge and information presented of the general issues taking place. The writer must step forward and take command over his or her own literature. The research thesis should only be approximately 300 words. One should also know how to frame their research question as it is one of the most difficult tasks in research

Proposal: To write a good and unique proposal you should have unique ideas and have a great level of understanding of that field. An introduction should also be written that will grab the attention of the researcher .One very important step is literature review. There are also good chances that you are writing this for a person who may already be a specialist.

Now here are some common problems that could arise while writing a Research proposal. Before writing the proposal you should think in advance about the different kinds of problems you may face while writing the proposal. Most people are caught off guard! For example, texts might be unavailable, internet sites might be down or no longer available, books may be checked out etc. The description of the proposal-is very important. The project that is being completed by us should have the details of what kind of research you will conduct to complete this project.

For example: reading, newspapers, internet engines, personal interviews, etc. Also state the significance of the proposal. You should put up in your proposal why it is worth considering and for this you will have to answer a number of questions.

What do you hope to learn from it? Who might you decide to share your findings? Will it be published some day also, the background of the proposal? .etc. You should also share your background about any previous researcher that's been done and how did you generated interest in it.

They may ask what has led you to do more research then them. A proposal is a qualitative research A research proposal normally has a few aspects (researches) i.e., qualitative and naturalistic .etc, But here under research proposal one is the qualitative research aspect.

The purpose of this section is to introduce you to the idea of qualitative research. How it is related to quantitative research and give you some major types of qualitative research data, approaches and methods. Things to be avoided in a proposals: broad topic areas, vague descriptions and so on. These are just some of the steps to research proposal writing if one keeps in his/her mind he can prepare a winning proposal.

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