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             10 June, 2023

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Sebastian Rametta founder of Original Soupman

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2011-01-11 06:47:01     
Article by Seb Rametta

Seb Rametta is the strategic visionary who recognized the national potential in the “Original SoupMan” brand and who entered into the original arrangement with Al Yeganeh in 2004 that made the current company possible. He is responsible for the executive management of our company; these functions include operations, sales and distribution; strategic relationships and joint ventures; product development and customer experience. His involvement with the earlier, developmental phases of the SoupMan entity provide him with a breadth of knowledge that is invaluable to the current and future success of our company.

Seb is a well-regarded leader and pioneer in food service, with more than 25 years experience in all aspects of the industry, including franchising, food manufacturing, restaurant operations, logistics, supply chain and menu development. In 1991, Sebastian Rametta co-founded Arnie’s Bagels, Inc., a wholesale manufacturer of all-natural premium, par-baked authentic New York bagels. Arnie’s major customers included McDonald’s, Disney World, Dunkin’ Donuts, Roy Rogers, Friendly’s, A&P Supermarkets, King’s Supermarkets, and other major national chains. The business was sold to Quaker Oats in 1994.

Seb Rametta then acquired a significant stake in Ranch*1 Group, Inc., an innovative New York City-based grilled-chicken franchise company. From 1996 until June 2001 Mr. Sebastian Rametta was a director of Ranch*1, and from March 1999 until June 2001 he was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Ranch *1.

To know more about Seb Rametta visit on:www.originalsoupman.com/rametta.aspx

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URL: http://www.originalsoupman.com/rametta.aspx
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