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IPhone Application Development Company

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2011-01-13 04:17:37     
Article by Payoda

iPHONE- REVOLUTIONALIZING THE ERA - The first phone to allow users to install software applications on their handsets, bringing out a whole new aspect to the mobile technology, allowing mobile users to do much more than they thought.The trend setter being the Apple iPhone.
With the launch of iphone 3GS by Apple, a new era of mobile technology has begun, an era which gives its users the flexibility to customize their handset using the iPhone Application development platform.

The iPhone OS, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system has proved its excellence by providing an amazing platform for creating a number of innovative mobile applications for its users.

iPhone application developers around the globe, try hard to get their app selected for the app sore. Below are some guidelines that developers need to follow to be selected by Apple:
•Use SI system of units
•When writing about a particular programming language, be careful to follow the capitalization style of that language.
•Use code font for code.
•Use embedded caps to connect words that act as a single metasymbol (sourceFile).
•Be consistent when naming metasymbols; for example, don’t alternate between commands and command List.

iPhone application development Do’s and Don’ts :

The client and the vendor together need to follow a set of do’s and don’ts which are as follows;

•Plan the development process
•Make sure you understand the purpose of the application
•Stick to the plan
•Try not to be too flexible
•Allocate the resource efficiently
•Avoid being too imaginative

•Clearly state the purpose of the application
•Fix a deadline
•Research the target market and try to make changes in the application accordingly
•Clarify on the modes of communication between you and the vendor


The success of an application developer depends on enabling their application to appear as high as possible on the iPhone app store. It is a fact that if the developed application does not appear in the top 100, the visibility of the application in the app store lowers and so does its chances of being downloaded, in order to be made visible on the app store a number of developers manipulate their ratings. This is something that MUST be avoided, end of the day your success lies in being ethical.

There are two basic types of softwares that run in the iOS, which are:
1.iOS app – This is developed using the iOS SDK to run natively on the iOS based devices.
2.Web Content-This is hosted by a website that people visit through their iOS-based devices. This if further divided into, web apps, optimized webpages and compatible web pages.


Users appreciateiOS applications that make them feel that the applications was designed exclusively for their device, for example when the application reacts to their gestures and fits well into their screen, it provides the experience that the user is looking for. Given below are a few guidelines that the developer needs to follow to provide the user with the experience he is looking for.

•Great iPhoneapps, begin with clear definitions- The developer needs to clearly state down the features that he intends to deliver and once this is done he needs to make sure and alter the app idea that it serves the objective of the application.
•User experience is what matters, the developer needs to keep in his mind the user before he starts developing his application, he needs to think about the way the application starts and stops, the way each button is deployed, all this effects the success rate of the application in the long run.
•Incorporate convenient features like multitasking in the iPhone application.
•Its not just enough for the application to be productive, the application needs to have a nice custom app icon that people enjoy seeing on the app store and their home screen. The developer needs to learn some techniques that make this process easier.
•Device orientation must be kept in mind, when developing an application, some applications look and feel god in portrait and some in landscape, but end of the day it is the users choice. So the developer should make sure the application suits both the orientations.
•Apps respond to gestures and not clicks, this again adds to the functionality of the application.
•Switching between apps, means quitting the app. Multitasking is a feature of ONLY the device which runs on iOS 4.
•The apps need to be easy to use and intuitive, as the users do not have the time and patience to read the user manual before benefiting from the application.
•The developer should make sure that the application fits into a single window/ screen.


With a large team of experienced iPhone application developers, Payoda has successful delivered both custom and enterprise applications over the years. With expertise in developing applications on the Mac OS X platform, our iPhone developers also have created a niche for themselves by designing backward compatible applications on the iOS platform, with touch features and ability to run on less memory. Using iPhone SDK tool kit we have developed applications split across all the flavors of iPhone – iOS, iPhone OS 2.0, iPhone OS 3, iPhone OS 3GS.


•Custom Application Development for iPhone
•Office / Business Applications
•Audio Video Streaming Applications
•Game Development for iPhone
•Application Porting
•Widgets & Mobile Website Development
•iPhone Social Networking, Weather forecasting& Navigation applications

Specialized in: Iphone Software Development - Iphone Applications - Iphone Mobile Application Development - Iphone Programming - Offshore Iphone Development - Iphone Apps Development - Iphone Application Development - Ipad Application Development - Ipad Application - Iphone Web Applications
URL: http://www.payoda.com/iphone-application-development/
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