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             21 October, 2021

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All About Refrigerators, Repairs and Refrigerator Parts

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2011-01-06 06:33:55     
Article by Andrew Zoebe

A variety of parts create a refrigerator. Even though technology has allowed for everything to be smaller and take up less space there still are a lot of refrigerator parts. The space reduction allows there to be more storage room available.

The refrigerator or ice box is thought to have started in 1000BC. This was when the Chinese used ice to keep food cold. Then in the late 1700s gases were changed into liquids by William Cullen that created a coolant. Also, Jacob Perkins made the first "ice making machine" that compressed vapors to create a low temperature inside the "box". Many others have worked to lead to the refrigerator of today as technology continues to improve this important appliance.

Today's refrigerators are top freezer, side by side, bottom freezer and built-in models. The refrigerator parts that make it work are the main important elements of a refrigerator. Nevertheless, consumers want it to work, save energy and have useful features. There are many features to consider and these are what are often first thought of when considering refrigerator parts.

Nowadays there is automatic defrosting meaning you say good-bye to unplugging the refrigerator from time to time to manually defrost. Most refrigerators have ice makers today with some cheaper models without this feature. Check on this before purchase. There's also the filtered water system. It might not be common for every model, but it is becoming more and more sought after in refrigerators. There are in the door water and ice dispensers and some indicate when it is time to change the water filter.

One refrigerator part feature is the power failure warning system. This is an important alert to let the owner know if there was a power failure, such as if it happened while they were at work. It will help prevent food spoilage and the owner is unaware of it. It also mentions if the temperature in the refrigerator reaches a dangerous temperature that leads to food spoilage. It can help you know when food could have been exposed to high temperature. There are also cooling zones, which is when cold freezer air is focused on the refrigerator door. This is to help milk, juice and other items in the door to stay fresh for a longer time.

Fun refrigerator parts or features are starting to include radios, televisions and even DVD players that are all put into the refrigerator door.

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