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             23 February, 2024

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Landlords campaign for greater eviction rights

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2011-01-05 07:04:08     
Article by Gerald

Private landlords have launched a new campaign to try to speed up the current tenant eviction process.

Hot on the heels of a new law protecting tenants against eviction if their landlord defaults on their buy-to-let mortgage, landlords have now introduced the Rebalancing the Law campaign. They hope that the current system for evicting problem tenants, which they claim is currently painfully slow, will be expedited with support from some industry heavyweights.

Landlord Action’s Paul Shamplina explained, “The first objective is to raise awareness of the problem and highlight the difficulties experienced by landlords when faced with problem tenants.

“Secondly, we are seeking changes to the law in order to speed up the eviction process,” he added. Shamplina went on to explain that some landlords have to put up with non-paying tenants and anti-social behaviour from tenants and the campaigners want the rights to return to the landlord in these cases to protect them from lost income.

Full let property insurance can help to protect against losses caused by problem tenants. The Rebalancing the Law campaign is also calling for landlords to be given greater rights to access their properties when non-payment or anti-social behaviour is a problem.


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