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             28 February, 2024

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Increasing demand for Custom software development

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2011-01-03 07:37:31     
Article by Jonny Peter

The increase in demand of technology and availability of various technological platforms, to be on the cutting edge of competition, to satisfy the customer in the best way or just to increase the management capabilities; has resulted in the increasing demand of Custom software development for the industries around the world. Custom software development also known as Software Engineering has increased seamlessly in the past decade and is on the constant demanding curve, day in and day out. As a result there are several software development companies around the world right now, providing the tailored made software services to their clients, serving almost all the industries around worldwide. Industries from all the area such as, petroleum, oil & gas, real estate, gaming, sports, retail, manufacturing, banking, financial or insurance, shipping, transportation or logistics, health care or hospitality, community or networking, print and media, enterprise or business intelligence and many other, almost all of these industries do require customized software services to smoothen their business process.

Although for some there might be a question arising, that why to go for custom software when readymade software are already available in the market? Well it’s indeed a good question; however it’s not difficult to get the answer. For any business entrepreneur there will be always a requirement to get more out of its business and sometimes in terms of opting a readymade software that requirement cannot be fulfilled, because it has certain limitation and boundaries by which it may be useless in certain area and could result in slowing down the business process. On the contrary custom software’s are tailored pertaining to the business needs. Software development companies take feedback regularly and provide review to their client when they are developing software for them, as a result these software’s are prepared in such a way that they meet all the demand and covers up all the required area need by their clients. Apart from that it also eradicates all the unnecessary options and menus in software which are not required by their clients, which cannot be done in the readymade software. Moreover custom software indeed proves to be a cost effective and more effective for the business.

Software solutions which can serve to meet the exact need of different industries, totally depends upon the type of industry and the type of custom software requirement. Few of the software solutions which could serve as the most prominent solutions based on industries are: GPS Navigation and supply chain management solutions for shipping, logistics, transportation and logistics industries, online catalogs or ecommerce facility for retail, ecommerce, marketing, wholesale and distributing industries, Reservation software for hospitality industries and community facility for networking industries, these are just the few solutions, however there are other few important solutions such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), online shopping etc. which can suit and satisfy different industries needs.

Now a day’s technology is advancing at a lightning speed. Crossing the boundaries of just desktops and laptops, companies do prefer to go for custom application requirement in cellular technologies as well. And due to handy widgets such as iPhone, win mobile and other such cellular platforms this certainly is possible by software companies to provide tailored applications for these and meeting up the increasing demand of their clients. Software solutions related to digital Signage, GPS navigation, Games, CRM etc. could serve best in these cellular platforms as well. It works out best option when there is no availability of computers nearby.

To sum it up, custom software development is certainly a unique and best way serving the industries around the world and meeting the cutting edge requirement of the modern and constantly fast pacing market.

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