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             16 May, 2021

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Decadent Chocolate Cheesecake

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2006-06-12 23:10:33     
Article by Vaughn Balchunas

Who doesn't like having a rich dessert from time to time? Everyone should treat themselves occasionally and what better way to do that then with a rich slice of decadent chocolate cheesecake? You can purchase this in restaurants, in bakeries or make it yourself. The options available are endless. If you are looking for a recipe, check the Internet and you will be able to find a multitude of recipes.

Do you want to splurge? If so, go with a chocolate graham cracker crust, rich chocolate cheesecake filling and top it off with a hot fudge drizzle. You will be in chocolate heaven after that. However, don't go crazy. A dessert like that is loaded in calories and while the occasional treat is acceptable, if it is a regular occurrence you will be packing on the pounds. It is better to leave this one for the special occasion or treat.

If you want a lower calorie option for decadent chocolate cheesecake, there are recipes available that include artificial sweeteners. You can actually get a much lower calorie and fat content by choosing one of these versions. Low carbohydrate diets can incorporate this dessert in their meal plans too. There are many recipes and prepackaged desserts that will accommodate even these diets.

Desserts are wonderful additions to a meal or to use as a snack. You do need to be careful not to overindulge in eating them as they can cause you to gain weight. Even the lower calorie, carbohydrate and fat versions are still not particularly considered healthy food. But the occasional indulgence will not hurt you. In fact, it is quite healthy to eat something rich like a decadent chocolate cheesecake from time to time. It will satisfy your craving and will make you feel better. As long as you balance the occasional indulgence with a primarily healthy diet, you will do just fine.

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