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             12 May, 2021

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Less Known Process to Deliver Speedy and Effective Software Development Services

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2011-01-02 06:02:04     
Article by Ophelia Alina

Software outsourcing company often starts work on a software development project by gathering required inputs from clients and resources who can work on the project to deliver nonpareil software development services. While this is a standard process we have a little different approach which asks for fewer client inputs and still deliver best offshore outsourcing services.

Many companies involve a team of developers from the beginning itself for delivering software development services. While this is a good approach to practice so that you can get more ideas, it completely contradicts the popular saying “too many cooks spoil the food”. Hence a better approach should be to involve only one core developer who will work as a main kitchen chef, who looks after the food being cooked at the venue.

For this it is important to select a software developer who is expert at providing efficient software development services and knows the process in and out. He should also be able to take up the learning curve if the project requires. Other developers can be then included in the project. They will be lead by the core developer previously appointed to the project.

For better software development services ensure that more developers are added to the project once the project idea is properly conceived. Also additional developers should initially start working towards the application fringes which are not core to the application but are very well defined and form the outer side like logging functions and log analyzer. This will also help developers get better idea of the application and the purpose of its making.

After including additional developers into the project it is time to organize the processes to make sure developers do not stumble upon other developer’s code. This can be done using source code control tool, generally used by all companies involved in providing software development services. If such a thing is not already in place then the situation can run out of control with developers playing tennis on the development platform.

It is crucial to set deadlines to deliver software development services on time. Most of the people set deadlines from the beginning of the project. Here again a better approach would be to let few weeks pass before you define milestones and deadlines. This will give you a better insight into how the software development project will progress and how soon you will be able to complete the project. Once the project milestones are decided and deadlines set check project progress regularly to ensure development is done as expected.

Though QA comes last it is the most important aspect to deliver quality software development services. Bringing QA into picture last would mean long last minute run to put everything straight which eventually results in project time and budget overrun. To avoid such a situation it is advisable to include QA into the process from the time project milestones and deadlines are defined. So that errors if any can be found and rectified at the same time.

Contrary to what is regularly practiced in the industry for improving quality of software development services is, to not allow QA team to test a development build instead they should be allowed to do the build themselves after going through the source code of the application. This will automatically make it mandatory for the development team to define and document build procedures. This will further ensure better quality testing of the finished project.

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