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Lawn Care & Maintenance

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2011-01-02 05:08:11     
Article by Paul Kumar

Lawn Care & Maintenance

Lawn maintenance and care is often considered a tedious and repetitive task for many home owners. However many home owners agree that nothing beats the appearance of a recently mown lawn. Lawn maintenance and care is an essential task for any home owner that wants to ensure that their lawns are green and lush all year round.

There are many different grass varieties available on the market; each variety has their own specific characteristics in regard to cost, installation, living conditions and maintenance. It is important to select a suitable variety of grass which is recommended to your growing region. Despite all of the grass varieties available, there are common maintenance procedures that apply to any type of lawn.

Lawn Maintenance Procedures For All Varieties Of Grass

•Mowing & Edge Trimming - Regular mowing and edge trimming prevent grass from over growing. This reduces the likelihood insects, pesticides, moss and mould invading your lawn. When mowing your lawn avoid cutting your grass to short as this exposes the base, roots and soil of the grass. Exposing the base of the grass places it under greater environmental stress as more sunlight is able to penetrate the surface.

•Maintenance Of Lawn Mower – Maintenance of your lawn mower not only prevents frustration but also ensures that grass blades are not being damaged with blunt blades. Cutting your grass with damaged or blunt blades can increase the susceptibility of your grass to disease.

•Watering - Ensure that grass is watered when required. Take care to not overwater your lawn as it can diminish its health and appearance. Overwatering the grass can contribute to the growth and development of disease in the grass. When watering avoid short shallow bursts of water. Water needs to penetrate deep into the surface to encourage deep root development. Watering is also recommended in the early morning to prevent water evaporation.

•Weed Spraying ­ - Weeds are inevitable when it comes to your garden. Identify the variety of weed invading your grass, so the correct chemical application can be spayed on to the lawn. Prevent weeds from entering your lawn by removing and replacing weak or dead grass patches.

•Fertilizing – Fertilizing is a seasonal lawn care treatment which improves the growth and development of your grass. There are many varieties of fertilizer available, choose the appropriate fertilizer for your lawn.

•Aerating ­- Aerating your grass is a seasonal treatment which can revitalise and thicken the appearance your lawn. Aeration involves the use of machinery to puncture holes into your grass. These holes provide an easy passage for nutrients and water to enter the grasses roots system.

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