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             27 September, 2022

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How to Develop a Reading Habit Among Young Children

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2011-01-01 06:51:53     
Article by Jeslyn Jessy

Dear all parents, you have to bear in mind that reading habit can't be developed over night. You must spend some time and put in hard effort to encourage your kids to read more in a consistent manner.

For beginning readers, you are reminded to select books that match their skill level. Don't expect your kids to love reading immediately. You must help them to find the suitable books. For your information, younger children enjoy books that use word repetition, rhymes and predictable text. Hence, you should look for books with colorful pictures and simple words for them. For instance, if your kids have favorite books, they may enjoy other books written by the same author. You can get different books written by the same author for them.

You are reminded to find out what your children are interested in. Then, you should help them to choose the books that are related to their interests. Once they start showing their preferences, you can encourage them to choose the books on their own.

When the young children have already started reading, you can select a wide variety of books for them. You are advised to choose those books that you can read together with them. At the same time, you can also choose books which your kids can read to you. By doing so, you are able to share some nice stories with your kids and it helps to develop their reading habit.

What if your kids do not like reading at the first place? Don't worry. Never ever force them to read. You can encourage them to write along when they read. You can ask your children to produce artwork or make their own books. You can even ask them to make their own bookmarks. By doing so, they will be able to develop a reading habit slowly.

It is not necessary to read at home. You can ask your kids to read any material wherever they go. When you go shopping, you can ask your kids to read the sign boards or the names of the products. By doing so regularly, I am sure you will be able to start building their background knowledge and vocabulary easily.

In order to achieve great success, you need to apply the above mentioned strategies in a smart manner. At the same time, you need to have great patience in creating good learning environment for the young kids.

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