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             30 October, 2020

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The Cheating Wife Marries Again!

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2010-12-20 06:50:14     
Article by Vitus Ejiogu

Most men see women as little children who quickly get attached to an object. It may be a blanket or toy they hold close when they go to bed or when they get scared or hurt. Sometimes they even prefer the presence of that object to the presence of a parent. I have seen so many things that kept me thinking. Taking a look at the state of family affairs today, one could not help thinking and wondering as I do. A friend of mine picked up a pet name "wondering person" and when I asked, she told me that life is full of wonders. I agreed with her to a very large extent. So many wonderful things do happen today.

I have seen young ladies soliciting for prayers so that they could get married to men of their choice. Given that privilege, numerous other prayer points will be on their way to your desk. The one prayer point I never attempted praying is a prayer to help a women become the head of her family. Of course, why should I? God gave that privilege to the man alone, and it can never be in contention. We live in a world where so many things re forced to undergo changes. In our generation scientists are making names for themselves by trying to see how men could be carrying their wives' pregnancies, give birth to babies and be controlled by women as heads of the family. The unlimited power of women is not in question.

The Bible tells us about Ephesus - the most important city in the Roman province of Asia (or what is known today as Western Turkey). It was a magnificent city, with streets paved in marble, baths, libraries, a market-place and a theatre seating more than 25, 000 people. But it was a nasty place. The Ephesians had a woman goddess that they worshipped. The goddess, Artemis, was known and worshipped as the goddess of sex. The Bible tells us that God created sex and made it holy, so, to make it look somewhat unholy and dirty; the worship of Artemis made it to involve festivals of thunderous perversity.

Artemis and the Amazons are alive and well in our world today. Their duty is to make women as weak and miserable as in the days of Ephesus, selling out lies and false images of what it means to be feminine. The plan is to attract a man, please a man, be fulfilled by a man, and then crush a man!

If men were wise enough to discover that today's women do not need them so badly, they would have ceased from fooling around them and getting destroyed at the end. What sense is there for one to borrow a wedding gown only to return it dirty or torn apart? Because of the many wonders of this generation, most people stopped marrying women simply because they appeal to their taste. They left the streets to find women in places like the Churches, for fear of marrying a tigress. Today, evil has almost left its comfort zone - the party halls, the streets, hotels, etc, and is fast finding its way into the Church of God with make-ups and pancake in two hands.

In the Church today women with make-ups or makeovers, cosmetic surgeries, immoral sexual desires, lies, etc, have filled everywhere looking for a target. I have been called several names because I say it as it is - point blank, and no amount of intimidation or blackmail will stop me. What we see today, that look like women, the type that God created and gave to Adam, are not really what we supposed they were, rather we see in them the daughters of Jezebel and Artemis, the witch-queen.

The Bible tells a story of how a good-for-nothing, but cheating woman, Jezebel, got married to Ahab, made him impotent and took over the leadership of his family and kingdom. Her business was to manufacture evil and push it to be carried out in the whole of the kingdom. Artemis brought shame and dishonour to womanhood. My aim in this article is not to slam against women because I know there are a good number of well-meaning and well-behaved women today in this generation. My aim is to exonerate them and set up the stage for true women liberation.

It is my opinion that when women stop groveling in front of these goddesses, their images, their fashions, their advice on skills in the bedroom, etc, and start focusing, quietly, humbly, graciously, on their person as the express image of God, then God will surely see them so - precious daughters of the Almighty God!

Are you wearing the spirit of Jezebel or Artemis? Have you let the spirit of these goddesses make you desperate and weak? You can run these goddesses of shame out of your life. You can also sweep their foolish games and lies out behind them. The moment you are willing to resist the sin of getting involved in their shameful activities, then you have won. You have succeeded in stomping out of their enslaving weakness. Now, it is time to rest in God's care, as you enlist to do His work.

Marriage to the well-behaved woman is an honour, and not something that gives a moment joy and fades away. It is not founded on the principles of "He'll marry me, if I just move in with him", but on love without attachments or conditions. The cheating wife is always hungry to many different husbands, but lives with, or loves none of them.

Vitus Ejiogu is a writer and publisher with the Fire-Brand Int"l Ministries, a media ministry that is based in Nigeria.

He is the editor of FOUNDATION SATELLITE magazine also published by the ministry. He pastors a Church in Bauchi and is married with two children.

You can reach him at: firebrandhq(at)yahoo.com or, 234 802 8181 829. Website: http://azepanig.blogspot.com

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