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             26 June, 2022

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The Best Way To Live - God's Way!

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2010-12-20 06:49:52     
Article by Vitus Ejiogu

I have once found myself in extreme pressures to know who God really is, how He came to be and what made Him God. I was a little boy then and could not really understand that God is not part of the world that has been made. Rather He is the One who made all things, so He has never been made. He is a loving God who wants to help us.

When I see people hate and fight each other, I began to wonder where the image of God we inherited is filled. In the world today, so many people are rich and at the same time selfish, whereas the simple majority are hungry. Some people make themselves ill by drinking, smoking, and engaging themselves into other bad ways of living. Many of these troubles come because people do not follow the ways of God. Majority of the problems we face in this world come as a result of ignorance. So many people say they do not believe in God but in science - things that are created by God. It is utter foolishness to believe in the creature rather than in the Creator. If what is created is real, the Creator should much more be real!

Scientists are people who try to find out how to make motor cars, ships, aeroplanes, medicines, and many other things. Some of these things help to improve our living conditions, not all. Scientists did not make the world we like in; they only study on what God has already made. No scientist can even make one leaf or flower! Though among the scientists, we find people who believe in God. They are Christians, who in the course of time have found out that the world was actually made in a clever way by an intelligent Being (God). These people no longer believe that this world happened by accident, but that God made it. They still believe in the work of science, but they absolutely believe in God, having the understanding that living God's way is the best.

We see how great God is and appreciate His wisdom, whenever we look at the sun, the moon and the stars. Also, when we hear the wind and the waves of the sea, we do not look unto the wisdom of scientists, but to God, who in His great power made them all. When we see beautiful flowers, birds and animals, they remind us about the wonderful nature of God - who made the whole earth and everything that is in it (Exodus 2:11). God knows everything about the world, and so He is greater than all the scientists in the world. He invented science and created scientists! He knows the best way for us to live - that is exactly what Christians believe and teach.

We believe that the best way to live is God's way. Though there are people who believe in many other gods, but they are wrong. There is only one God (Mark 12:29). He made the sun, the moon, the stars, the earth, and all that is in it. Those who go about making, believing, and worshipping the gods of silver or gold, wood or stone, are in error because these are false gods called idols. They have no power and cannot help anyone (Psalms 135:15-17; Isaiah 44:9-20). When we blame God for all that is wrong in the world, we only tell people how ignorant we are, because God does not have a hand in any of these evil things. God made the world and everything in it to be very good, but the people in the world spoiled it. They have not listened to God or followed His ways. God hates everything that is wrong, and will always punish anybody for doing wrong (Revelation 20:11-15). When we live in accordance with the ways of God, He blesses us more than we can imagine.

Vitus Ejiogu is a writer and publisher with the Fire-Brand Int"l Ministries, a media ministry that is based in Nigeria.

He is the editor of FOUNDATION SATELLITE magazine also published by the ministry. He pastors a Church in Bauchi and is married with two children.

You can reach him at: firebrandhq(at)yahoo.com or, 234 802 8181 829. Website: http://azepanig.blogspot.com

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