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             06 December, 2023

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Public Relations Services Can Help Penny Stocks Company Receive Greater Coverage

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2010-12-18 07:06:42     
Article by John Catherin

Many questions need to be answered when you think of hiring public relations services from a third party company to manage your media and public relations, assist with promotion and advertising as well as boost company marketing efforts. Here is a list of questions you should ask to define your needs to opt for an investor relations firm.

1) Do you get PR as per your capability?

2) How is your competitor doing? Can they be seen everywhere though they are penny stocks?

3) Can increased media coverage increase your bottom line?

4) How do you ensure year round media coverage?

5) Are your PR people able to spend enough time to the campaign?

First let me clear that public relations services offered by investor relations firm are not similar to service related to marketing or promoting. In laymen terms an investor relations firm is a company’s point of contact with media people, shareholders and customers. Public relations services help company gain market presence and so are very important for penny stocks. They contact media with interesting news about the company which will be further used to create buzz.

Big players in the market prefer to have in house public relations department to reach people faster. Penny stocks generally prefer to take outside help for this as this helps them save lot of money on infrastructure and other related expenses. However there are different things a company should consider before deciding to hire outside public relations services.

The first thing to think about is your need for public relations services whether you need permanent or occasional media exposure. Other thing to consider is the capability of your internal staff and their expertise. Obviously if your internal staff is well trained then you need not hire outside public relations services but make sure they have enough time to focus on important aspects of public relations. To get best from your in house staff look for passion in them.

Investor relations firm can get you much bigger coverage through TV, radio and newspapers by arranging your interviews with agencies across the nation. Often the interviews are arranged with authors and experts. You cannot even imagine the impact of this coverage received. If in case your public relations officers are unable to organize such events then there are less chances that you will receive such huge coverage among other more glamorous and big names in the industry.

Investor relations firm can also prepare you for interviews with media to make sure you do not get muddled at some tricky questions but keep yourself composed even at the most difficult questions. There experts will help you present yourself and eventually the company in a better manner. You can also benefit from huge relevant contacts of an investor relations firm which are sure to give you better coverage.

In short it can be concluded that penny stocks can receive better exposure through public relations services. Like any other service they also come for a price and can be hired on contract bases. Contract term and fee will depend on the investor relations firm, services offered and the term of the contract.

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