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             26 June, 2022

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High Performance Sony AIT-3 Tape Media Format

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2010-12-14 07:37:07     
Article by Sarah Andrews

As the notes capability of server and desktop hard computer disks extends to augment, presentation claims put on the facts and numbers storage newspapers furthermore increase.

Sony engineered a highly economical and space-efficient AIT strip format, which was commenced in 1996. AIT (advanced smart tape) is a higher capability tape answer that lives at lesser data-center space. Since the introduction of AIT tape, Sony has habitually conceived & made all of its own AIT strip cartridges and tape drives.
Sony AITe260/S is a robustly conceived AIT-3 external tape drive, which consigns largest reliability and spectacular notes effectiveness in its class. Sony AITe260/S drive characteristics SCSI interface, and can backup 100 gigabytes of native facts and numbers on a Sony AIT 3 tape. All premier functioning schemes are sustained by Sony AIT-3 SCSI drive encompassing Linux, NetWare, UNIX and Windows NT.

Sony AITe260/S tape drive accomplishes exceptional notes density with the assist of helical-scan notes mechanism. Therefore the clients of Sony AIT-3 strip format can relish higher notes presentation with 2.6:1 facts and numbers compression and much quicker pace of 31.2 MB/s. This entails that in compressed mode the Sony AIT-3 facts and numbers can dwelling 260 GB data.

Sony AIT 3 strip expertise has more to offer; the AIT-2 and AIT-1 backup tapes will furthermore work excellently with the Sony AIT-3 strip drive. The tape drive can present read/record procedures on AIT2 and AIT1 media tapes as well. AME newspapers formulation double-checks strip longevity, rises the robustness, and defends the strip intermediate contrary to humidity and critical temperatures. Sony AIT3 backup cartridge presents up to 30,000 end-to-end tape passes.

AIT backup tapes should be retained between 15° C to 25° C, with relation humidity of 40% to 60%, in order that you can get greatest reliability and better presentation all through its archival life.

The businesses have to accommodate constantly increasing facts and numbers allowances, while the facts and numbers keeping regulations have intensified the trials of digital record holding and facts and numbers manageability. WORM functionality of Sony AIT3 format assists to rendezvous the government regulatory mandates. Sony AIT-3 format’s WORM functionality places a halt to unintentional erasure of record, over-writings and human errors.

Sony is a premier backup media innovator and constructor of world’s premier tape technologies. Popular strip cartridges constructed by Sony are recorded below:
Sony AIT-3 tapes
Sony LTO2 ultrium tape
Travan TR-5 tape
SLR tapes
Sony DDS4 tape
Sony DAT-320 tape
Sony dlt-iv tape, dlt 4 tape
Sony LTO5 tape

It is suggested that cleansing cartridge should be utilised periodically. Sony’s SDX1-CL cleansing cartridge is best matched for AIT-3, AIT2 and AIT1 drives.

Sony AIT-3 tape drive helps the users through fast seeking and retrieval of retained files. The facts and numbers seeking pace has been considerably advanced with the addition of R-MIC recollection portion in AIT3 newspapers tapes. This endows the AIT-3 strip expertise to consign unprecedented presentation and understanding to the requiring backup environments.

For longer employed life and decreased mistake rate, Sony has conceived “Hyper steel laminate” tape head, which decreases wear on newspapers tape. This assists to increase the presentation grade with an MTBF of 400,000 hours.

Device, merchandise and programs titles cited in this item are trademarks and sole property of their owners.

For more information visit:=www.digitaldevicesonline.com/data-media/ait-tapes

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