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Chest muscles exercises

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2010-11-14 06:40:25     
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The Chest area you should have a favorite exercise for each body part. That's how it should be as you progress through the various stages of learning you'll understand what works best for you. It is useful, These muscles are important for sports and strength.

1. Dumbbell flyes this exercise provides a useful means of isolating the pectorals and preserving the triceps for the subsequent exercise. The exercise should be performed as follows:

- Hold dumbbells directly overhead. Lower them to sides with elbows slightly bent, pulled back and to the side. Lower no further than level with the torso.

- Use the pectorals to pull the weights back up to the starting position.2. Incline bench press you can move straight on to this exercise if you have reached an appropriate level of experience. If you perform this exercise as the second part of a pre-exhaust routine you may have to use lighter weights than normally.Remember that you should only work different muscle groups on different days letting the muscles recover. Drink plenty of fluids this is very important. your chest muscle work outs should make your chest work harder instead of using your triceps, delts or biceps to power your chest routines. You work on the full range of motion and squeeze your chest muscles hard at every top of each movement. Always lower your weight slowly and deliberately fighting gravity to provide more resistance to your chest muscles and therefore elicit more muscle fibers for more muscle growth. You will need a spotter or a personal trainer for safety reasons because you must lift heavy for excellent muscle gain especially so for chest muscle development.

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