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Medical Transcription Students – How To Make Extra Money

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2006-09-30 22:11:45     
Article by Mila Sidman

So you’re taking a medical transcription course but really need to make a little extra money. It’s difficult being a student and having to work only part time or not work at all. But there may be a few things you can start doing to money until you finish your course.

If you really want to work from home, then consider general transcribing until you finish your MT course. This will give you lots of typing practice and listening skills while making extra money.

The first step is to find a few clients. You can use inexpensive advertising strategies to do this. Make out some simple flyers on your computer and pass them around.

A few good places are Universities, schools, legal and insurance offices, social work offices, and government offices.

The more services you offer the better your chances of finding work. You can offer services like resume writing, general transcribing, administrative help, and answering emails. Think of the skills you possess to help you expand the number of services you offer.

You can also try finding work online. There are a few sites you can go to and bid on projects, Elance.com has everything from administrative work to software design.

Finding a few projects on the side may be the perfect solution until you find work as a medical transcriptionist. It can also give you valuable experience while helping you build your network.

And if you really need to work while studying, then that’s okay. You can always study part-time while working on the side. It’s better than being financially stressed or quitting your course because lack of funds.

These can be difficult times, but just think ahead and keep motivated with the thought that once you finish your course you’re going to have some great financial opportunities.

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