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             28 February, 2021

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Body Fat Analyzer Scales - How They Help Us Stay Healthy

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2010-11-11 07:03:40     
Article by Joe Arthur

Are you interested in body fat analyzer scales? These scales are currently sought after by people who want to stay healthy and fit.

In 2008, the Mayo Clinic released results from a study that included data from over 2,000 people and shed light on the condition called "normal weight obesity." Basically, someone may weigh within the normal range but if an overly excessive portion of the weight is attributable to fat, their physical condition is much like someone who is obese and overweight. That includes higher than normal risks of developing diabetes and heart problems.

Body Weight Measurements Not Enough

The study generated a lot of attention amongst people. It also spurred many follow-up news and research reports over the past few years and kept the topic alive. More and more, people recognize that it could be beneficial to their health and wellness to monitor their body composition levels. A convenient and inexpensive way is through the use of a body composition analyzer scale at home. With regular measurements, it makes it easy to stay alert and keep our health and fitness goals in check.

Body Fat Analyzer Scales Measurements

Beside body fat percentages, these scales also offer numbers like body water percentages, bone mass indicators and basal metabolic rates, amongst many body composition health indicators. Critics are quick to point out that body composition monitor scales are not very accurate in their measurements. While that's true, they offer unmatchable convenience at an affordable cost for a person who wants to monitor his or her body composition percentage levels.

Convenient And Inexpensive

The gold standard for body composition measurements is through a Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry or DEXA test. Another highly accurate method is to weigh the body under water. Another less accurate but still professional grade alternative is to have a comprehensive skin fold calipers test done by a doctor or certified person.

None of these are convenient to do. You need to schedule appointments and they will cost quite a bit more than a body composition scale. A good approach is to go in for professional reading and then compare that the measurement that the body composition monitor scale at home.

Keep Tabs On The Trend

In addition, body fat analyzer scales are useful and practical for keeping tabs on the changes over time. Even if the measurements are biased, they will always move in the same direction and observing the changes over time allows the user to keep track of his or her progress. It will uncover situations and sound warning signals earlier, where there is still good time to turn things around.

For more information on the most accurate body fat analyzer scales, check out the body fat scales section on the BestBathroomScales.net website. See reviews on the Tanita BF680W review.

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