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             30 October, 2020

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The Delicious, Mouth Watering Cheesecake

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2010-11-11 06:59:46     
Article by Janice C. Lim

There's nothing like the feeling of being able to enjoy a nice delicious cheesecake, don't you agree? There are a lot of varieties available in the market and depending on your particular taste it should be quite enjoyable finding a personal favorite. So feel free to explore and sample the many varieties and options possible. New flavors continue to be discovered and there's no sign of this trend abating anytime soon.

Let's start with one of the more popular flavors. The New York style forms the basis of every cheesecake currently in existence. It is dependent on the use of Philadelphia Cream Cheese for its creation and no cheesecake can simply do without it. The idea of adding fruit toppings soon became an extremely popular addition and that has been the case ever since.

Blueberries are very much a huge fan favorite. Coupled with the fact that health experts and scientists are all praises for the health benefits they bring such as preventing certain diseases adds to its popularity. They have been touted to aid in the treatment of problems ranging from memory loss, cancers, and even urinary tract infections.

There are also other fan favorites like strawberries, cherries, and lemons. Lemon in particular, has always been one of the staple favorites as it has always been a part of the early cheesecakes. Some would prefer to have a more sour taste that melds with the creamy texture while others would opt for a milder taste of the lemon.

It was only a matter of time before people started trying out other ingredients like chocolate, pecan, caramel, and even pumpkin. Chocolate cheesecake has gained somewhat of a delicacy status and is a favorite choice with a good number of people. Pumpkin used to be something reserved for the holidays but has since gained enough of a following to warrant it as a year-round choice.

There have also been several innovations made like the use of graham crackers to form the pie base and the introduction of the low carbohydrate varieties. With today's more health-conscious crowd, there has been a huge influx of people wanting to indulge in what would normally be a guilt-ridden treat with all of the taste but without the dreaded calories. The technology has reached an extent that there's almost no difference between the low-carbohydrate varieties as opposed to the regular versions. Talk about being able to enjoy your cake and eating it too. No wonder they have been a huge hit with folks who tend to count calories. It's never easy to deprive one's taste buds of what can be considered as a delicious pastime.

Bottom line is, no matter what type fits your personal palate, there will always be more flavors waiting to be discovered. Just as a chocolate cake never fails to light up a person's countenance, the same also holds true for a cheesecake. There is great pleasure in making the perfect cheesecake, giving it as a gift to loved ones, or simply enjoying the heavenly taste so try not to inhibit your self too much.

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