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August Arcana

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2006-09-30 22:11:42     
Article by Deanna Mascle

1. Although it is the eighth months in the Gregorian Calendar, August was originally what month in the Roman Calendar?

A. Sixth
B. Seventh
C. Eighth
D. Ninth

A. Sixth
TOPICS: It was originally known as Sextilis which is the Latin name for the sixth month in the Roman calendar.

2. The US honors what fish in August?

A. Goldfish
B. Swordfish
C. Shark
D. Catfish

D. Catfish
TOPICS: Catfish are any of about 31 families and 2,000 species of fish belonging to the order Siluriformes, most of which are found in freshwater. Distributed throughout the world, they are most diverse in South America.

3. Which of these pies is honored in the month of August with a U.S. national holiday?

A. Raspberry Cream Pie
B. Lemon Meringue Pie
C. Peach Pie
D. All of them
E. None of them

D. All of them
TOPICS: Raspberry Cream Pie Day Aug. 1, Lemon Meringue Pie Aug. 15 and Peach Pie Aug. 24. It is official, we will celebrate anything…

4. Aug. 3 is National Watermelon Day in the U.S. Considered one of America’s favorite fruits, there is actually something wrong with this status, what is wrong?

A. It is a vegetable
B. It is illegal in America
C. It is hated by most Americans
D. Most Americans are allergic to watermelon

A. It is a vegetable
TOPICS: Watermelon, considered one of America's favorite fruits, is really a vegetable (Citrullus lanatus). Cousin to the cucumber and kin to the gourd, watermelons can range in size from 7 to 100 pounds.

5. The Romans changed the name of the month of Sextilis to August in whose honor?

A. The Roman Empress Augustine
B. The Roman Emperor Augustus
C. The Roman God Augustove
D. The Roman capital August

B. The Roman Emperor Augustus
TOPICS: Sextilis was renamed to August in honor of the first of the Roman emperors, Augustus, because of several fortunate events that occurred in his life during this month.

6. On Friday, Aug. 13, you should wish what group a happy day?

A. Mothers
B. Secretaries
C. Right-handers
D. Left-handers

D. Left-handers
TOPICS: Left-Handers Day is actually an international holiday!

7. What baking aid was invented Aug. 15, 1911?

A. Oven mitt
B. Crisco
C. Baking chocolate
D. Cookie sheet

B. Crisco
TOPICS: Crisco was developed by Proctor and Gamble on Aug. 15, 1911. Crisco was the first all-vegetable shortening.

8. Aug. 16 is the U.S. national holiday to celebrate the patent of this theme park ride?

A. Roller Coaster
B. Merry-go-round
C. Water slide
D. Fun house

A. Roller Coaster
TOPICS: The Roller coaster was patented in 1898 on Aug. 16.

9. Why is the third Friday of August a state holiday in Hawaii?

A. Pineapple Day
B. Pearl Harbor Day
C. Anniversary of Hawaii’s statehood
D. Birthday of Hawaiian Queen

C. Anniversary of Hawaii’s statehood
TOPICS: President Eisenhower signed a proclamation on Au. 21, 1959 declaring Hawaii to be the 50th state. The third Friday in August is observed as a state holiday in Hawaii each year, recognizing the anniversary of Hawaii's statehood.

10. Why is Aug. 26 Women’s Equality Day?

A. Susan B. Anthony’s birthday
B. Anniversary of passing of the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution
C. Dolly Madison’s birthday
D. Anniversary of passing of the Equal Rights Amendment

B. Anniversary of passing of the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution
TOPICS: Women's Equality Day, also known as Susan B. Anthony Day, intended to honor the passing of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution giving women the right to vote.

11. What type of music is honored on the last Saturday in August?

A. Bluegrass
B. Jazz
C. Blues
D. Rock and roll

D. Rock and roll
TOPICS: The last Saturday in August is "Rock n Roll Day" according to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum.

12. Aug. 19 is intended to honor this versatile, edible plant?

A. Tomato
B. Potato
C. Peanut
D. Soybean

B. Potato
TOPICS: August 19 is Potato Day. Does anyone know why?

13. Which sport held its first international professional contest in America on Aug. 29, 1889?

A. Baseball
B. Tennis
C. Hockey
D. Football

B. Tennis
TOPICS: On Aug. 29, 1889, in Newport, RI, the 1st American International pro lawn tennis contest was held.

14. The Beatles held their last public concert in Aug. 29, 1966. Where was it?

A. London, England
B. Paris, France
C. New York City
D. San Francisco

D. San Francisco
TOPICS: The Beatles last public concert was held at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.

15. On Aug. 28, how should you walk?

A. Don’t walk, run
B. Don’t walk, saunter
C. Walk 1 mile
D. Walk up stairs instead of taking elevator

B. Don’t walk, saunter
TOPICS: Yes, apparently Aug. 28 is World Sauntering Day, but we don’t know who decided that…is there a Sauntering Association?

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