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             26 October, 2021

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Investing in quality snorkelling equipment

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2010-11-08 06:56:26     
Article by Damian Waterman

You will find that having your own snorkelling equipment will come in very handy especially if you are someone who vacations a lot by the seaside. Snorkelling is an activity that does not require any expertise and therefore can be enjoyed by just about anyone.

Unlike Scuba diving or other water sports snorkelling does not require a lot of equipment. If you invest in the basic snorkelling equipment needed you will find that you are quite capable of having a wonderful underwater experience.

For any snorkeler there are a few necessities that need to be purchased. Of course, you could always rent out snorkelling equipment however when it comes to rentals you are not always guaranteed to get the correct size or fit or the best quality equipment. It is always best to have your own snorkelling equipment so that you are ensured that you will have the right size and quality equipment.

If you are keen to purchase you own snorkelling equipment there are three sets of gear that you will need; a snorkelling mask, snorkelling fins and of course a snorkel.

A snorkel is essential for snorkelling and you will find that there are varieties of snorkels from which you can choose. Snorkels vary in design, purpose and price so you should chose one that suits your needs as well as your price range. Whether you chose a basic snorkel or go for a complex one, which has purge valves, make sure you buy a quality product.

Choose a snorkelling mask that fits your face snugly but not one that is uncomfortable or restrictive. The mask should have adjustable straps so that you can loosen or tighten it when needed. Silicone skirtings are used for snorkelling masks these types of masks are not only comfortable to wear but also fit better. A proper fit is very important to avoid water leaking in to the mask and to avoid discomfort while underwater. Always try to buy snorkelling masks from a reputed manufacture. Some stores will even have prescription or custom-made snorkelling masks made on request.

Fins help you move easily through the water and help you swim with ease. Fit is the most important aspect of choosing a pair of fins. They should always fit comfortably and not be too loose fitting or too tight. You can choose from two styles of fins the ‘full foot’ fins and the ‘open heel’ fins. Depending on your preference and the type of snorkelling, you are planning on doing you can decide which type of fin you prefer. Fins vary in size and fit depending on the brand so it is always advisable to try the pair you wish to purchase out to make sure you have the best fit.

With just these three sets of snorkelling equipment, you will be well on your way to explore the spectacle that lies beneath the seas.

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