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             17 May, 2021

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How playing can help your toddler develop

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2010-11-06 08:59:37     
Article by Sacha Charleson

Numerous studies have shown us that the act of playing is indeed an essential part of childhood. Play helps a child develop cognitive, social, language and motor skills in a fun and imaginative way. Children’s toys and games supplement a child’s ability to interact with and explore the world around them. Fun, imaginative, creative and interactive children’s toys help youngsters explore social roles, expand language skills and foster creativity. Parents should always provide their children with toys that are educational, stimulating and creative so that these toys enhance their child’s development.

Young children such as toddlers benefit most from children’s toys that help them build up their skills in every area since they are still at the point where they are acquiring these developmental skills. Toddlers benefit most from games that allow them to fine-tune their skills. They need toys that will enhance their fine and gross motor skills, language skills as well as their social skills.

Children’s toys such as building blocks, dress up kits, simple arts and crafts sets are great toys for toddlers. Toys that require a toddler to manipulate objects draw or paint using different tools, build things will help them develop their fine and gross motor skills. Children’s toys that require a toddler to pretend play either through dressing up or through imitation helps develop social and language skills. Certain children’s toys help toddlers develop cognitive skills such as reasoning skills, visual-spatial skills, numerical skills and more.

Toddlers are at a stage where they require support to develop skills in every area of development and this is why it is important for parents to provide their children with the right toys. When choosing toys for a toddler parents should remember to check if the toy is age appropriate and suited for the developmental level of the child. A toy that is too challenging for a child will not contribute to development but it will lead to frustration. The children’s toys should not only be interactive and colourful but it should contribute in some way to the toddler’s development. Children’s toys should always be made out of the highest quality materials and should use materials that are safe and toxin free. To ensure that you invest in a product that is safe for your toddler buy brands that you know assure quality children’s toys.

Children’s toys are a great way to enhance and supplement your toddler’s developmental skills and ensure that they are ready to take the next step. Parents who provide their toddlers with the correct children’s toys are investing in their child’s future.

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