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             26 November, 2020

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Pay Per Click Marketing Strategies

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2010-10-27 07:38:16     
Article by Mark Andrew Woodcock

Many website owners are not as familiar as they should be with the option of pay per click marketing. It is a concept that is easy to integrate into your online marketing plan and one that has a great potential to boost your site's overall visibility. You do not need to be a marketing guru or a technical wizard to start to see a return on your investment.

Pay per click marketing is also referred to as PPC marketing. It is an online advertising method in which your ads are placed within the results pages of search engines once relevant terms have been queried. The same ads can also find their way onto web pages that are in some way similar in nature to the words you have used in the ad itself. You would have already seen these displayed on the side, top, or bottom of certain websites and popular search engines, often they are called sponsored links.

A great aspect about this form of marketing is that you are only charged when a surfer clicks on one of these ads, at the same moment a small commission is generated for the owner of the domain on which the ad appears. This is why it is known as pay per click.

PPC marketing is often thought of as an economic yet effective way of increasing any site's traffic levels. The way in which you generate the ads themselves is completely flexible, you can choose what terms and words are most important to you and your website.

Another great factor with this kind of campaigns is that it becomes easy to geographically target potential customers. You can alert the settings so that the ads appear only on websites in a specific region, for example the United States or the United Kingdom.

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