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             24 January, 2021

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Marketing for Introverts: Promotional Copy Options That Set Up Appealingly Accurate Expectations

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2010-10-26 08:23:35     
Article by Marcia Yudkin

If you've decided it's time to make your peace with being an introvert, then here are some very powerful ways to drop the pretense of being an average American (or Canadian or Brazilian) extrovert. Instead of simply labeling yourself an introvert, I recommend you first devote some time to identifying your introvert strengths, your ideal clients and the way you wish your business would function. Then write your marketing copy so it appeals to those you want to work with and discourages their opposites. Clients' expectations then gibe beautifully with your preferences, and everyone wins.

For example, perhaps you'd love it if clients understood that you thrive on getting the details right, abhor unscheduled phone calls, would rather work with people who don't gripe about prices and hate unnecessary meetings. Or maybe you want folks to know that you enjoy supporting beginners so much that you feel cheated when clients understand everything already and just want you to breeze through everything as quickly as possible; you are fluent in the language of emotions and like to know that you are helping to do good in the world.

It's possible to communicate such subtle points without having prospective clients feel that you are running a matchmaking operation more than a proper business. Consider these five copywriting tools for sending out implicit signals and setting up appropriate expectations:

* A "how we work" page. Create a page that describes the process you use with clients. This can implicitly highlight your values, personality and preferred modes of working and turn off the personality types you would rather not deal with.

* An ideal client profile. State explicitly who you work with, including their priorities, situation, size, goals and needs (both practical and emotional). For example, my consulting page says I work with decision-makers rather than teams or committees. Yours might say you welcome beginners who appreciate emotional as well as practical support.

* "What you can expect." Here you describe both process and results of your work. You send out clear signals by what you include and exclude in this profile. For instance, if you typically go away and get the job done without a lot of interaction with clients, you can say this, whereas if you like to check back with clients numerous times to make sure they're fine with your direction, state that. Different personalities would respond to these divergent service profiles.

* A personal "About" page. Instead of sticking to the bare professional facts about you, provide some glimpses into what's important to you. If you spend most of your spare time hiking alone or communing with your five dogs, say so. Several new clients mentioned my video about living in the middle of nowhere as having clinched the deal when they explored my site to see whether or not they'd feel comfortable with me.

* Policies. You can discourage client behaviors that drive you bananas by penalizing them monetarily and making this part of what people agree to when they decide to work with you. The person who hates in-person client meetings can charge a higher hourly rate for them than for conference calls.

Fired up now to get going on your new positioning?

A bookworm as a child, Marcia Yudkin grew up to discover she had a surprising talent for creative marketing. She's the author of more than a dozen books, including 6 Steps to Free Publicity, now in its third edition, and Meatier Marketing Copy. She mentors introverts so they discover their uniquely powerful branding and most comfortable marketing strategies, and helps them create a promotional presence that attracts the kind of clients who make them happiest.

To learn more about the strengths and preferences of introverts, download her free Marketing for Introverts audio manifesto: http://www.yudkin.com/introverts.htm

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