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             29 October, 2020

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Create Your Own Ringtones

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2010-10-25 05:26:07     
Article by Dhody David

If you thought you couldn’t use the iTunes library in your iPhone to create a ringtone, think again. There are ways of doing this which are perfectly legal, although it takes a little time and patience. All you have to do is trawl through your library, find the part of a son or tune that you want as your ringtone and do a little wizardry. There are articles already online to instruct you in how to do this, and they are well worth reading if you don’t feel like paying Apple twice to get a ringtone. In fact there are really ingenious ways of working around such problems; all you have to do is a little research online. There are also articles which will tell you in easy steps how to do much the same thing with your mobile phone and the library of music you have stored on your PC or MAC.

One thing about creating your own ringtones is that you will always know when your phone is ringing even if there are a lot of phones ringing at the same time. If you just download a ringtone, that it won’t be unique, in fact it might be the most popular one among your friends or colleagues at the present time, so you would have to pay closer attention to the ringing to find out if it is in fact your ringtone that’s summoning you to answer your phone, or someone else’s phone with an identical ringtone.

You don’t have to be a great composer to create your own ringtone, and as most do not rely on chords, but single notes played one after the other, all you have to do is write a sequence, and there are plenty of these online to help you get the hang of writing your own. You might produce a discordant ringtone, but you might be the next Eminem for all the person sitting next to you on the bus or train knows. It might catch on and you could be the ringtone superstar-It’s been known to happen. People have become famous through their ringtones. Just be brave and brazen about it, others might be impressed.

Whatever ringtone you chose, however, remember that you can be judged on your choice; you might not want to be ay an interview and have Mr.T bellowing at you to “Pick Up Yo’ Phone”. Choose a ringtone that will not embarrass you in a formal situation’ or have a few to choose from so that there’s an appropriate one for all conceivable situations. That’s easy to do as there are so many to choose from.

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