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             24 January, 2021

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Blogging Guidelines For Bloggers

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2010-10-09 08:21:09     
Article by Amuro Wesley

Like most accounts, blogging accounts have their own guidelines too. Whether you use Blogger, Wordpress or both, they have their own terms and conditions you need to comply before posting your first content. This is to make sure what you post benefits not just you but everyone else reading your content.

Failure to do so will result in your accounts being permanently disabled and you probably need to set up another email account to get started. Of course the last thing you want is this happening to you shortly after publishing your first blog. That is why I want to help you by writing this article.

Having said all these, what are the dos and don'ts of blogging?

We shall start off with the dos first.

Images And Videos

Apart from just text, I highly recommend you upload these to your blog to make it look more professional, interactive and assuring to readers that you are a real person and not simply someone who hides behind the screen.

Appropriate Category

Your posts should be relevant to the category pertaining to your niche so that it is easier for readers to locate your blog.

For instance if your blog is about golf, it should be placed under Sports And Recreation or Golf if they have a sub-category.

If you want to write another topic say like how to cook, you should create another blog.

Divide Your Content Into Paragraphs

To make your content readable and easy to understand for readers, you need to divide your content into paragraphs.

For my case, I usually create my paragraphs of up to 5 lines and distribute the rest of information into other paragraphs of similar quantity.

Communication Between You And Readers

If you are serious about making money from blogs instead of just treating it as a hobby, you need to establish communication between you and readers. The best way to do so is create a comment section for them to post any comments and opinions on your posts.

Whether their comments are positive or negative, you need to respect and answer them if they are subjective and feel the need for you to improve in certain areas.

However if they are negative with the sole intent of insulting you, just ignore them.

Now we shall focus on the don'ts.

Acting Against The Terms And Conditions

This is what you should not do if having your account banned shortly after posting your first blog is the last thing on your mind.

Content Quality

Most readers will only pay attention to great quality content. So you need to be specific and cut to the chase instead of just relating a story and making several paragraphs from it.

Complains, Grievances And Whining

This is another thing you should not do.

It is okay if you write them down on pen and paper whereby only you and those you allow to can see.

But not in blogs whereby everyone can see. You blog to share with people interesting and valuable content and for for self pity.

Copying Other Bloggers' Content

The rule which applies to writing articles also applies to blogging.

You are not allowed to copy others' content whether they are article writers, bloggers or web designers. But when it comes to writing product reviews or topics that you like to write but do not know much like Forex, you can jot down the main points but accumulate into your own paragraphs.

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