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             23 May, 2022

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Excited About Folic Acid Seretonin? Discover the Full Facts

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2010-10-03 08:21:52     
Article by Michael R

There is absolutely no conclusion as to folic acid seretonin can set right your mood swings. It is a myth. However one should not completely rule out the importance of folate in matters relating to brain. From that point of view we can indirectly infer few possibilities for folate to improve brain function. Naturally people extended this logic to their own facies including claiming that folate can bring you happiness and even say that it is a "feel good" substance. It is a nonsense.

You will feel good and maintain a balanced life if you have proper nutrition throughout your body. Folic acid seretonin alone can not bring you happyness. Almost everyone knows that folate is important for pregnant women to avoid neural defective baby. This is true. The deficiency of folate is very dangerous. Even before the baby is born the mother makes the baby handicapped by not paying attention to this important B vitamin nutrition. Even a slightest disorder is bound to bring some imbalance in the neuro-tranmission of the baby. When the baby is grown to an adult and mood disorders are diagnosed obviously the folate level is low. That does not mean that if that adult is given folic acid seretonin will be produced to set right the mood swing. That is a myth. This is the key to understanding the relationship.

My advise is to consult a physician before you take any folic acid supplement if you desire to control your depression, aggression, anger etc.

We should all realise that there is only one solution to all health related problems including psychological disorders. That is the complete planned proper nutrition intake including folate. It is naturally available in all the green vegetables particularly spinach, broccoli etc. It is substantially deposited in animal liver. Anemia is the result of deficiency of folate.

While serotonin is the "feel good" hormone produced in the brain that definitely set right many of the psychological disorders including mood swings the resolution is not in the folic acid serotonin but in the total balanced nutrition. The intake of total balanced nutrition only can produce serotonin and not a single nutrition. Go for Total Balance a natural nutrition supplement that has more than 70 natural herbs and salts including folic acid of appropriate dosage. This substance has many other natural nutrition concentrated for fantastic neuro-transmission. I regularly taking this and maintain a healthy and cheerful life. Check out my website and you will know more about folic acid seretonin.

If you're interested in learning the secrets to choosing the very best quality nutritional supplements please visit my web site.

Visit my website at http://www.NutritionFlash.com

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