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             22 September, 2023

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Rowing Machine Benefits And How They Affect You

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2010-09-29 06:56:09     
Article by Ralph Wilhelm

Of all the different types of exercise, rowing may be the one that involves more of the body than any other. When rowing, you are working the arms, legs, back, shoulders, hands and even your feet. When compared to jogging and some other physical activities, it places very little pressure on the joints.

Most rowing machines have a seat that slides back and forth while the legs are used for pushing off and the arms and back are used for pulling back on the "oars." Learning proper technique is important to assure that undue stress is not put on the back. For those who have difficulty with the sliding-seat type rowing machine there are models with a stationary bench. Stationary rowers provide a more rigorous workout for the upper body via pulleys and ropes.

Aside from sitting in a gym and using a rowing machine, rowing is an exercise that can be enjoyed outdoors. As a leisure activity, it is not only good for the body, but can be good for the spirit as well. Being outdoors and rowing across calm open water can provide a welcome break from the every day rush we experience.

Rowing is an excellent all-around exercise because it works the upper and lower muscle groups. It is also considered one of the best types of cardio exercise as it gives your heart and lungs a good workout. Rowing pumps blood faster through the veins and arteries, blood and tissue becomes better oxygenated and your metabolic rate goes up. It also helps with maintaining a healthy body weight, improves sleep and even helps with depression.

When deciding to start rowing as your choice of exercise, be sure you understand how to do it correctly. Having a trainer guide you through the proper use of a rowing machine is essential. Learning proper technique will help you avoid back and neck strain, as well as provide a safe and healthy workout. As you can see rowing machine benefits are many and varied, enjoy.

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