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             23 January, 2021

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Tips for getting rid of moths in your home...!

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2010-09-26 08:16:12     
Article by Rahul Khurana

First thing first, keep your house clean and vacuum affected areas to get rid of any signs of damage and then start addressing how to prevent them coming back and where they are coming from – bathroom, kitchen or wardrobe? There are a wide variety of Moth Killers and they are suited to the particular area you need to use them.

However, even when people do use Anti Moth Products unfortunately one of the biggest mistakes they often make is not replacing them. Although they are very effective and long lasting, you do still need to replace them every season. There are several steps to avoiding moths and if you already have them, dealing with them, so to begin with I want to remind you about some of the most effective products for removing them and remind about some brilliant new products added to the range.

Moth’s hate Cedar and Orphea, so it’s not surprising that the Colibri Cedar Wood Hanging Sachet and Orphea Moth Repellent Strips For Drawers and Wardrobes are some of the most popular Moth Deterrent products. The Cedar Wood Hanging Sachet is an all natural anti moth sachet made with cedar wood.

The fragrance will keep your woollens safe & fresh and it contains 100% pure botanical essences from eucalyptus citriodora, vetiver, peppermint, clove, lemongrass & with added cedarwood oil in a fine sandalwood powder base. Colibri does not contain animal elements & has not been tested on animals. How many should you use? It is recommended that 1 – 2 sachets are hung for each metre of wardrobe rail.

The Orphea Moth Repellent Strips will protect and freshen your clothes and linen with long lasting moth repellent, which will also give your room a beautiful smell. You should use one strip per drawer – inside the sachet is a moist cloth, and when you break open the sealed sachet, the aroma will then waft out and deter any moth from venturing near and laying its eggs. The strip of cloth has a perforation on it so that you can also hang it on a hanger. It won’t stain and there are 12 strips in each pack.

Get rid of moths provides you his most recent Moth Deterrents include Bouchard Hanging Moth Proofers with Lavender Fragrance that is ideal for wardrobes. Effective for up to 6 months and with a handy renew indicator so you don’t need to remember to change it each season. It will safely protect clothing & textiles against moths in wardrobes & drawers.

Moth Balls have changed a lot and this product is certainly the modern version - Zensect ouchard Moth Proofer Balls with Lavender Fragrance will protect all fabrics for up to 3 months… without the nasty smell! This new & improved formula gives a wonderful fragrance, will leave no stains and is safe for all the family. Ideal to use in your drawers.

Finally for protection against food moths, Zensect Anti Food Moth Traps are efficient against: food, flour, & Indian meal moths. There is no odour and they provide protection with peace of mind.

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