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             26 November, 2020

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Deoxidizer food packaging applications

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2010-09-23 07:39:29     
Article by Tracy

Oxygen absorber, also known as free oxygen absorber,nickel oxide wholesaler, oxygen remover free agents or DNA, which is a material able to absorb oxygen in food packaging into sealed, could get rid of the oxidation of substances within packaging, remove the packaging container free oxygen and dissolved oxygen, preventing oxidation of food due moldy or deteriorated. Deoxidizing agent used in food packaging can not only effectively suppress the deterioration of the quality of contents, and can maintain the original color of food, smell and taste, to prevent the pest, inhibition of bacterial growth, maintain nutrition, keeping time extension. Therefore, preservation of food using the oxygen absorber is a high quality, good efficiency, convenience and safety of packaging preservation method.
Deoxidizer from 1925, countries began to have developed. Deoxidizer most commonly used iron series of oxygen and sulfite oxygen absorber agent. Iron has to form the oxygen absorber; copper powder, ammonium chloride and the composition of the oxygen absorber; carbon and zinc, aluminum and iron composition of deoxidation agent; glucose and glucose oxidase composition deoxidizer; to even the two sulfite as the base various oxygen absorber. Developed by the Institute as the British low-temperature drying of food iron compounds deoxidizers Preservation; a German company developed to zinc, aluminum, iron and other metals and carbon composition deoxidizer; invented by a U.S. company even as the two sulfite the main agents deoxidizer.

Deoxidizer oxygen removal is based on chemical reactions, so the order of reaction with oxygen removal capacity, time, temperature and other conditions vary. Available oxygen absorber packed in sealed containers suitable exists, make about 1 hour to 1% or less free oxygen, eventually down to 0.2%. Slow deoxidizer be 12-24 hours,nickel oxide supplier, but eventually oxygen removal capacity is the same, free oxygen can be reduced to 0.2% less at the same time. Deoxidizer new materials as a food preservative, has its unique advantages.

Oxygen absorber and food packed in the same container, oxygen uptake of oxygen container, so that the container was anaerobic conditions, food can be preserved. But the oxygen absorber of the raw materials must have a response and stability, no smell and no side effects such as poisonous gas, harmless to humans if eaten. Deoxidizer generally iron as the basic raw materials, food in general use, to maintain quality and extend the shelf life of food, health food products in use to prevent lipid oxidation, prevent discoloration and to keep nutrients. Oxygen absorber has been widely used abroad, wet bread flour, wet face, wet noodles, wet snack, fish products and other food products in semi.

At present, the oxygen absorber, besides the bag,nickel oxide, there are caps installed. Bags for bags of food, equipment is used in bottle caps, cans and other containers. In recent years, with the food industry's development and improvement of packaging materials, oxygen absorber in China grows in importance, applications are more and more widely.
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