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             21 January, 2021

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Self Defence Products That Will Protect You for Years to Come

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2010-09-21 07:48:02     
Article by Ricky Davies

No one likes being frightened of going out or staying in, however sadly because the times we live in there is a higher chance of either us being attacked or simply being robbed in our own homes. One of the scariest statistics that I have ever seen is that an American is likely to be attacked every 24 seconds. This is crazy, don't let this person be you and if it is you then I beg you to learn how to deal with the situations.

With this article I am going to discuss some products that will help you to protect yourself whether you're in the comfort of your own home or out in the city.

Product 1

The first product I am going to recommend is the C2 taser. This item has more stopping power than a handgun and is very effective. The only downside to having a taser is that it's not very practical to carry around with you and in some cases they are very expensive. However if you want to get one for your home and money is no object I highly recommend a taser.

Product 2

The second product that u recommend is pepper spray. Some manufacturers make sprays that launch up to 25 feet which is excellent. However hardened criminals will have more than likely been subjected to pepper spray in the past and maybe able to carry on their attack.

Product 3

This in my opinion is the best option. Product number 3 is learning self defence through the use of videos and books. The best one I have ever read had elements of all of the best fighting styles incorporated into the book with some elements of street fighting techniques. Turning your body into a self defence machine by knowing simple techniques that you can master in a few minutes is the best option to anyone. There are times when you won't have your taser or pepper spray but you will always have the knowledge of how to defend yourself from an attacker.

You don't even need to be fit, agile or strong. The best self defence books show you how to use the attackers weight against them to get out of the situation alive and kicking.

For more Free information on how to protect yourself in a fight visit my website Self Defence Books. This website is dedicated to bringing you the best Self Defence Training on the internet.

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