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Indian Web Hosting Datacenter: Tier Classification

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2010-08-29 06:15:47     
Article by Daryl DSouza

Web hosting industry did not exist prior to 1991. The advancement in Internet resulted in the development of web hosting. Many web pages and websites began to crop up. Earlier, web hosting was expensive. Gradually, the cost of web hosting reduced significantly. Millions of websites exist today. Hosting a website on the World Wide Web (WWW) is no longer a big deal! Cheap web hosting is provided in many countries. Indian web hosting industry is no exception. It has grown by leaps and bounds.

Expertise is always a requirement for an Indian web hosting company. No hosting company can function without a datacenter. Datacenter is similar to a central server. It connects many computers and servers together. Indian web hosting datacenters have their own necessities. It needs to be properly maintained in high security and appropriate environmental conditions. It should be cooled with standard coolers, should be fireproof, and should offer maximum uptime and performance. On the basis of its structure, requirements, and performance, datacenters can be classified into four categories:
*Tier 1 datacenter or Level 1 datacenter: This is the simplest datacenter. It is only a server room. It cannot accommodate redundant components. It is composed of a single path for power and cooling distribution. It provides 99.671% availability. They may not have a raised floor. Indian web hosting service providers may need to shut down their infrastructure on an annual basis for repair and maintenance. Maximum annual downtime in a tier 1 datacenter may be 28.8 hours. During emergencies, it may require more frequent shutdowns. It is used by small business owners.

*Tier 2 datacenter or Level 2 datacenter: This is more robust as compared to tier 1 datacenter. It is composed of a single path for power and cooling distribution. It can accommodate redundant components unlike tier 1 datacenter. It provides 99.741% uptime. Just like in tier 1, the IT infrastructure in an Indian web hosting company may require shut down for 22 hours annually.

*Tier 3 datacenter or Level 3 datacenter: Unlike tier 1 and tier 2 datacenters, tier 3 datacenters have more than one path for power and cooling distribution. However, one path is active in it and the other one is passive. It can accommodate redundant components. It is concurrently maintainable and provides 99.982% availability. Indian web hosting providers using tier 3 datacenters may need to shut down the datacenter for maximum 1.6 hours annually. It gives better performance as compared to tier 1 and tier 2 datacenters.

*Tier 4 datacenter or Level 4 datacenter: This is the harshest category of datacenter. It is designed to host large business websites. It can accommodate redundant components. It has the capacity to tolerate faults. It has multiple paths for power and cooling distribution. The best part about tier 4 Indian web hosting datacenters is that it hardly shuts down for repair or maintenance. The maximum annual down time is 0.4 hours in it. It provides 99.995% uptime. This datacenter is the least prone to errors.

The level of datacenter determines the capability of the hosting company. An Indian web hosting company can have any tier datacenter. It is important to know which tier datacenter is utilized by the hosting service provider for the client. Performance of the site depends on the tier of datacenter used by the web hosting services.

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