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             20 October, 2021

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Auto Repair Advertising - Why Most Advertising Doesn't Work

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2010-08-26 05:10:09     
Article by David A Dickson

When it comes to auto repair advertising for shops most owners wonder why their advertising doesn't work. The answer is simple; because they don't know how to do it correctly. It really is sad to see so many shops with great potential waste money simply because of the ineffective auto repair advertising they use. So, why exactly is it that most advertising doesn't work?

In repair shop advertising it is said that the attention of the reader or potential client is what actually matters. The primary idea is to create something unique and catchy that will leave the client curios. Here is why most advertising doesn't work.

1. It's just not working

Many shop owners experience the very same problem. Even though it is clearly notable that their current auto repair advertising isn't working, they still tend to keep it running. Why? Because they are not really sure whether it's working or not so they feel hesitant to stop it simply because this might be one of their main forms of auto repair advertising. It's really simple. If your advertising isn't working for your auto repair shop - stop it!

2. You are not testing or measuring

In advertising, it is essential for any shop owner to measure and test their current advertising campaigns. For example; if you are going to engage in direct advertising, you would want to measure the campaign in order to determine whether or not the advertising method is working. If you r ads are working you need to roll them out on a larger scale and if they are not working - stop it and use the money on another advertising strategy that could possibly increase your business with 100% or even 200%.

3. You are following the competition

One of the biggest mistakes shop owners are making in advertising is following their competition. They tend to advertise on several publications and media simply because their competitors are doing so. Don't ever make the mistake of thinking that your competitors are where they are because of super advertising. It's more likely that they are there because of everyone else and they don't even have any idea whether or not their advertising methods are working.

4. You failed to use AIDA

AIDA - This is a classic formula used in the advertising world and is well worth remembering.
A - Attention
I - Interest
D - Desire
A - Action

- Attention: The primary goal of your advertising is to capture the potential client's attention. You can achieve this with a suitable advertising headline. When doing this, be adventurous. Test different things to see what works.

- Interest: Once you have managed to capture the attention of your potential client's, you need to create an interest in you service which in this case in the auto repair industry.

- Desire: There is a huge difference between being interested in a service and actually desiring a service. It is your responsibility to use your auto repair advertising method to turn the client's interest into a desire.

- Action: Should you achieve in getting turning your potential client's interest into desire, the next thing they would want to do is take action. You should make it easy for them to do so.

There are many auto repair business owners failing to implement the AIDA formula into their advertising methods. Essentially this could be a great contribution as to why most advertising doesn't work.

5. You don't have a driving force behind your advertising

One very important principle that should be used in all auto repair advertising campaigns is the benefits of your service. Before you are going to turn an interested client into a paying client, they need to understand the full benefits of your service and what you have to offer. Use your advertising as a personal communication tool and make it all about the customer - not you.

For a free evaluation of your auto repair advertising contact me at perfectdayinc@gmail.com (just put "advertising" in the subject line, or call me at 727-565-1806.

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