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Wireless CCTV Camera Systems in the Home

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2010-08-23 04:57:09     
Article by Vilma Ladaga

One of the main advantages of wireless security camera systems is their flexibility. Home owners can immediately see the benefits of wireless camera systems because they can be fitted in minutes. There are two options available and which one you would choose would be dependent on your personal choice.

A standard wireless camera can be fitted above the front door and will have a scope of around 45-60 degrees so it can easily capture the image of anyone approaching the front of your property. The camera will need to be connected to a direct power supply if you want 24/7 coverage. You can power some models by a lithium battery to make them completely wireless though this would depend on what level of coverage you want. This camera will link wirelessly to a receiver which will be located inside the home, this will also need to be connected to a power supply.

The receiver will be connected to the television by wires that are normally provided in the kits. You can tune into the CCTV system by choosing the AV option on the screen. The image captured will be in full colour and will be very clear as long as the camera is no more than 100 meters away from the receiver. You can still get a clear picture even if the waves have to pass through wall obstructions though the power level is reduced to around 8-16 meters.

As darkness falls and the light deteriorates the cameras LED lights are activated so that night vision will come into play. A typical wireless camera can see through total darkness to a distance of around 15 meters. The images shown on the screen will be in black and white because of the night vision. You can add more cameras to the system without having to buy additional receivers. If you have four wireless cameras in total then they can be seen on your TV at the same time in split screen view. You can also scroll from one camera to another.

These types of cameras can be just as effective as a deterrent as they can at recording an intruder. A common thief will often visit an area first identifying possible targets for future burglary. Your camera security system will be quite obvious above the door and will be noted by the criminal. The last thing they would want is to be caught on video which could be used in a court of law as the evidence that seals the conviction. A criminal is much more likely to move onto another, easier target which does not have the same levels of security as yours.

Some home owners prefer to adopt their wireless security cameras in a more covert way so they are hidden from view. The reason for this is to catch a criminal with their guard down so they can easily be identified should they commit a crime. There is no security deterrent here of course because the cameras are hidden but they can still provide vital evidence that can convict.

Wireless security camera systems are a very effective option in the fight against crime. There are a worthwhile investment as a major deterrent against criminals who target your property.

Vilma has been writing articles for many years on a variety of topics. You can see her latest web site at http://www.wirelesshomecctv.com This is a great resource for wireless home security cameras and accessories.

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