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             10 June, 2023

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How To Manage Stress To Get Total Stress Relief?

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2006-09-25 01:43:18     
Article by Ashish Jain

Stress is a complicated web. If I say, it bothers everyone, from the cradle to the grave, from the womb to the tomb, it won't be an incorrect statement.

Stress has a combined effect, on your body and on your mind. Those who have no jobs are stressed due to unemployment. And ask those who have jobs! They complain about day to day job stress. There may be varied reasons, such as time spent on traveling, low salary, harassment by the boss and lots of outstation tours. To secure relief is the normal expectation of any individual. Nobody wishes to live continuously under stress.

You please note that stress is entirely different from a challenging situation. Difficulties are not to be confused with stress. Stress is mainly your inability to cope up with a particular situation or a cluster of situations.

Can you ever be totally stress-free? In that situation you would not be a human being. You will be an angel in the celestial world! As a human being, you need to know, how to live with a certain level of stress!

I will explain this with an example. A young man wished to take bath in the sea. He went to the sea shore, but saw the waves. He surmised I shall take bath, when all the waves are over. Will such a situation ever come?

The sea has learned the art of living with the waves! You need to know the art of taking bath, swimming in the sea with the waves ever present there!

So, the golden rule is, having gone for a sea bath, don't be afraid of the oncoming waves. If the waves are powerful, duck them, when the waves are friendly, dance with them. When the waves are normal, swim your way further.

There are many strategies for stress relief. Review, yourself and decide whether any lifestyle changes are required. When your body is relaxed, your mind will also be relaxed.

Yoga asanas, meditation, breathing techniques, jogging, running and dancing are brilliant techniques of stress relief. Get your body massaged from a professional once in a while. This is a great stress reliever.

The topmost techniques accepted all over the world today for stress relief are meditation, exercise and massage. Each of these serves different purpose, at the same time they contribute to the total purpose of stress relief. They provide you with many additional advantages. Laughter is also one of the best stress relieving methods.

You get ultimate stress relief, when you know the art of working for joy and not from the career view point alone. Work sincerely, by giving the maximum out put, not because your boss is telling you to do it, but only because it is the correct way of life.

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