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             16 January, 2021

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How to Design Marketing Hang Tags For the Fashion Industry

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2010-08-12 05:21:14     
Article by Merlina Palencia

Show your creativity by using versatile print marketing tools to promote your fashion business. Use hang tags in an unconventional way to attract consumers. Design your prints in a way that the target market will keep the prints for future use. Make your prints functional and usable. Here are designing tips to help you create effective clothing hang tags.

Tips in Designing Fashion Hang Tags

* Decide on one fashion style market. There are various market for clothing since styles and fashion sense varies from each individual. Create a design focusing on just one type of clothing style and distribute them to the market you planned to

* Use fashion images. Add fashion photographs on your prints. Visuals are very ideal for clothing industry since products need to be seen by the target market. Print tags with high resolution fashion images in 300dpi (dots per inch) resolution for quality and appealing prints.

* Include tips about fashion. Aside from photos, fashion tips on your prints must also be part of your design. Remember to leave a space for information to share on consumers. Usually, clothing tags in big sizes are ideal for designs with fashion tips.

* Emphasize on the name of your clothing line. Remember to emphasize on the name of your fashion business. Keep your design simple yet creative. Make sure to balance all the element on your design including images, colors, and text. Add your business name to establish your own clothing brand.

* Add contact details. One of the most important part of your prints is the contact information. Using this engaging marketing style, you give your consumers details on how to reach the business you are promoting. Include the name, brand logo and details.

In order to have a successful clothing hang tags campaign, choose a professional online printing company. Seek for quality printing services online to help you produce effective prints.

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