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             27 June, 2022

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The Danger of Using Unclean Contact Lens

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2010-08-09 05:34:25     
Article by Daniel Hansen

Compared to regular eyeglasses, contact lenses are far more comfortable to wear when you talk about day to day use. With optical lenses, you don't need to be extra cautious in things you do as it won't easily drop and break. And because it is directly worn under your eyelid, your skull and the shape of your head is what actually keeps the lenses safe from dropping and breaking.

If you are one of many people in the world who depends on this eye wear everyday, then it is important that you should know how to properly take care of these lenses so that you can always maximize its potential every time you use it.

In any eye wear products, regular cleaning and maintenance is very important. In eyeglasses, you need to wipe the glass with a special cloth to remove dirt and fog on the surface of the glass; this fog on the glass can cause uncomfortable vision which can lead to astigmatism. Some dirt can also result into irritation of the eyes which can lead into serious eye problems in the long run. Eyeglasses should also be kept inside a special durable container to avoid breakage.

Like eyeglasses, contact lenses too need special maintenance if you want to wear it longer and if you don't want to damage your eyes while wearing it. Though these lenses are worn under the eyelids directly over the eyeball, this does not mean that it is already 100% safe from particles that can harm its user.

Studies show that the use of unclean and untreated contacts increases the risk of getting an infection due to pathogenic protozoa, a bacteria that can cause infection which can result into blindness if the problem is not addressed immediately.

Now, if you want a healthy and safe eye wear for everyday use, it is important that you know how to take care of your eye wear. There is a lot of contact lens solutions in the market right now, take time in cleaning your eye wear. This little sacrifice can save you from bigger compromises in the long run. Always follow the guidelines of the product for safe use and protect the health of your eyes.

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