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             25 March, 2023

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UK Immigration Law - Appeal For ILR Refusal

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2010-08-04 07:26:30     
Article by Janet Grace

It happens many times when an applicant is not granted an indefinite leave to remain. To counter this; you might want to consider an appeal for ILR refusal to the UK Border Agency according to the UK Immigration law. This refusal of this privilege could have been a result of many factors but the UK Border Agency will send you a letter explaining why your application of ILR was refused and you will also be informed if you are entitled to appeal or not. Remember that not everyone is entitled to appeal but if you do have a right to appeal, and then you will be sent an application form to fill out and additional information on how to proceed with the appeal with UK Border Agency.

If you want to appeal for ILR refusal, the UK Immigration law states that all application for immigration, in your case, an appeal, must be addressed to the Immigration Tribunal and the Asylum. The Tribunal and Asylum is responsible for reviewing and hearing cases about the ILR visa application by their embassies around the globe. The Lord Chancellor is the sole authority to appoint judges on these particular cases. The members of the Asylum are made of one or more judges to hear these appeals and make their decisions. You will have a greater chance if you have a right of appeal because sometimes they avert the decisions but some may not be do lucky.

There are numerous Tribunal and Asylum centres in the United Kingdom that hears these cases. The appellants may hire a lawyer to represent them and the same with the UK Border Agency both requesting a modification for the decisions after an appeal to the Tribunal and Asylum. If you have the right to appeal for ILR refusal, then you might consider getting a lawyer that is a member of the Office of the Immigration Commissioner. These lawyers can help you deal with these issues and will be able to provide you invaluable advice about the complicated process. It is therefore advised that you will look for these regulated lawyers that are members of the OISC.

There is a time limit for these appeals, so if your time allowance expires then the Asylum and Tribunal will not hear your case. There are grounds for appeal available to you. For example the appeal for ILR refusal is based on the violation of human rights or racial discrimination. These bases come very effective as the case may be. Appeal after appeal may have other grounds such as the decision to refuse you of having an indefinite leave to remain is a contradiction to the UK immigration Law. Again these grounds may be brought upon the courts that these decisions are based on such contradiction to the rules and laws of immigration. If you lose the case and decide to claim asylum or refugee you will be deported by the UK Border Agency. That is the point of no return.

But what if you do not have the right to appeal it's because your application for indefinite leave to remain has expired before you applied for it or the UK Border Agency decides not to grant you an ILR and remain in the United Kingdom. Other reasons why you do not have the right of appeal are dissatisfaction of the requirements according to the UK immigration Law and your documents is not enough to support the application to have an indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom.

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