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Medicare Supplement Plan F - Best Option in 2011

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2010-08-01 07:04:47     
Article by Tyra Phillips

Medicare Supplement Plan F is far and away the most popular Medicare Supplement Plan unavailable to people over 65 years of age. Over 44% of people who are enrolled in Medicare and have purchased a Medigap Plan choose Plan F. This is an easy decision for most people as this plan is the most comprehensive option and offers the best coverage. Furthermore, an increasingly weak economy and additional budget cuts have created additional reasons to purchase this plan.

All Medicare supplement plans are standardized by the Center for Medicare Services, which means every company must offer the same exact plans with the same exact benefits. This is very beneficial for seniors as it removes the need for a significant amount of research regarding benefits. The decision regarding which plan to purchase is actually very easy if you want the best coverage. Since Medicare Supplement Plan F is the exact same with every company, the only difference is the price you will pay, which means choosing the company that offers the lowest price is often the best decision.

In light of our weak economy, Medicare Supplement Plan F shines brighter as the best option. Cuts to Medicare have left doctors searching for ways to make more money and preserve their lifestyle. If they quit seeing Medicare recipients a large portion of their patients will change doctors. However, many doctors have implemented different rules regarding patient visits in order to make more money. Some doctors require all of their patients visit them every month for a routine office visit even if one is not necessary. More office visits means more money for the doctor, but it can be a huge inconvenience for the patient especially if they are in good health.

Another tactic doctors are using in some areas to increase their revenue is charging 115% of the Medicare approved rate. This is allowable by Medicare and the patient will have to pay 15% of the total bill unless they purchase a Medicare Supplement Plan that covers Part B excess charges. As more doctors begin to increase prices this benefit may become very important. The most popular option that covers Part B excess charges is Medicare Supplement Plan F.

The marketplace for Medicare plans has been constantly changing, but Medicare Supplement Plan F has remained the most popular and the best plan available. Many people who have strayed and purchased Medicare advantage plans are returning to original Medicare and supplemental insurance. Seniors who want to avoid risk and ensure all of their medical bills will undoubtedly continue to purchase this plan due to the comprehensive nature of the benefits.

There are several methods of purchasing Medicare Supplement Plan F. You can call each insurance company directly, speak with your local agent, or contact a national broker who specializes in this type of insurance. Most people choose to speak with an expert who carries every company and can offer honest advice regarding which plan is best. For the risk averse Medicare recipient, Plan F is the best choice available.

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