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Medical Billing and Coding Job Description, Training and Salary

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2010-07-29 07:13:34     
Article by Helen Hecker

If you've been thinking about taking some medical coding or medical billing classes online or getting medical coding or billing training you want to make sure you understand what this career and the job entails and have a good idea what kind of salary you'll make. Of course you may want to open a work from home business and it's certainly possible but may require a good education and training and an entrepreneurial ability to do so.

Going into a home business is not for everybody and getting on the job experience first is a good idea unless you have extensive education and feel like you completely understand the billing business.

Medical billing means you would be documenting patients' visits to a doctor, clinic or hospital or other type of health facility. Medical billers, assistants or Specialists enter clinic and patient information into expensive billing or practice management software so you can submit medical claims to health insurance companies. You would also be posting payments from insurance carriers and patients and run off management reports. You may also be required to make follow up calls.

Medical billing doesn't have to be done in a doctor's office. You can do billing from home, any office, clinic or hospital, billing service or facility that has the necessary software. Many doctors outsource their billing and may choose a home based business if the service is competitive in terms of cost. Or they may choose a smaller service and not necessarily one of the large billing services. So cost is a factor.

Medical coding is a totally separate function and not a part of the medical billing business. Medical coding cannot be done from home or outsourced to a service. Medical coders usually work right in the doctor's or clinic's office doing the coding before it is sent on to the billing service. Coder's salaries are comparable to medical biller's salaries.

So if you decide to get medical billing training you don't have to worry about coding and vice versa. People usually choose one or the other. Medical billing is more popular and offers more versatility since you can work from home in either your own business or for a doctor or clinic that allows you to do that.

Billing services often have graveyard shifts and may run around the clock. Salaries to start out run at least $10 an hour and up depending on your training, education and or experience, or related experience. You can move up fast as you gain the experience on the job and can command a much higher salary for the experience you're getting both from the clinic, practice or company you're working for when and if you leave for another medical billing job.

You don't need national certification, for example, as a billing specialist but it may help you get your foot in the door faster. There is money available for both your local on-campus and online medical billing training too. Make sure to check out online schools thoroughly to avoid any scams.

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