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             01 December, 2023

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How Important Are Cycling Heart Rate Monitors For Aerobic?

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2010-07-24 08:41:31     
Article by Freddy R. Johnson

Cycling is a really prominent sport, especially in the Europe. So many cyclists are born everyday to ride the most efficient human machine, the bicycle. You might very well know about cycling terms like Lycra and aerodynamics. But do you know about maximum heart rate? What about terms like aerobic and anaerobic?

These concern your heart, the main organ that is pumping blood to your leg muscles to keep cycling. You should in fact, get a monitor that measures the rate your heart beats per minute. Why is this so? The number reason is that you could find out your maximum rate of your heart and then adjust your cycling intensity to be slightly lower to achieve the aerobic level.

How do you know your maximum rate of your heart? From a formula, you can calculate it. Take the number 220 and minus it with your age. For example, if your age is 25, then your maximum heart rate is said to be 195. Meanwhile, professional cyclists undergo further cycling tests to determine more accurately what are their maximum heart rates. For most of us, this simple formula is good enough.

If you want to make cycling the staple or backbone of your exercise regime, then you would want to dive into the aerobic zone now and then. During the aerobic zone, you will be performing optimally without tiring. This is because anything that goes beyond the aerobic zone is the called anaerobic.

During the anaerobic phase, your body does not have enough oxygen to use and resort to building up lactic acid. Lactic acid will cause a person to feel the burn in the muscles when pushing an activity too hard.

Our body utilizes primarily oxygen during the aerobic phase. Therefore, we do not tire as easily during the aerobic. So how is it that we can go into the aerobic zone? The rule of thumb is to measure your heart rate and then take 65 or 85 percent from it. This percentage of your maximum heart rate tells you how hard you should cycle to be in the aerobic phase. For example, if your maximum heart rate is 195 then your aerobic rate (if 65 percent) is 126 heart beats per minute.

Heart rate monitors are extensively used by elite cyclists. Sometimes, their entire work outs all depend on the rate itself. But it is a really good device for you to measure your performance and adjust accordingly. The benefit is that you do not tire out easily and know your limits.

Now that you know how to monitor your heart rate for optimal performance, take the time to read about free articles on men's cycling shorts and find out about kids bike shorts.

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